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Discuss All aspects of 3D animation, Animation principles and methods, how to prepare a 3D model for animation, where to find character animation references and how to use particle animation for special effects. Talk about Animating shaders, lights and cameras.
animation help!
hi anyone please help me. i want to know what software is used when you make simulation of instruction. for example the safety precautions for an airline. if you have seen the animation of the safety ...
last post on June 26, 2010 - by Andyba
For animators of all types and directions!
Dear Animators! We invite you to participate in a multibudgetary (from $10,000 to $ 1,000,000) international project. More information on adasport com Best regards, ADA ...
last post on June 08, 2010 - by Syscraft
FaceFX Facial Animation Plugins released for $199 3D Animation Talk FaceFX Facial Animation Plugins released for $199
FaceFX announced today the release of $199 facial animation plugins for 3ds Max, Maya, XSI and MotionBuidler in a press release: Research Triangle Park, NC - May 26th 2010 - The facial animation ...
last post on June 08, 2010 - by Andyba
New UNFOLD3D tutorial videos are available right now
Have a look to this full new set of tutorial videos to watch UNFOLD3D version 6.7 at work : Load / Save commands Navigation Unwrapping workflow Gizmo and Translate/Rotate/Scale Selection ...
last post on May 26, 2010 - by Unfoldnews
Redboard storyboarding software - anybody used it?
Hi there, I've just come across this storyboarding software called Redboard that imports models from Maya and then allows storyboard artists to draw over it. Has anybody here used it in big ...
last post on May 12, 2010 - by juxsta
3d animation of construction demonstration 3D Animation Talk 3d animation of construction demonstration
Hello everyone, feel so good to meet you all here. You are all the animation lovers. So I am so happy to introduce you about my works here: we have a young team of technicians specialized in 3D. We ...
last post on May 06, 2010 - by Syscraft
The inspiration to create this tutorial DVD on Particular came when Michael Park realized just how integral to media creation particles have become. From advertisements, to feature films, to ...
last post on May 06, 2010 - by Syscraft
Bolt Bot - First 3D Animation
Hey all, ive just finished my first 3d animation, using Cinema 4d. Its called Bolt Bot. It was a college project, which took around 3 months to complete. The models are quite basic and some of the ...
last post on April 27, 2010 - by cjworkshop
2d hand drawn characters to 3d models?
hi i'm an animator working on 2d animation projects. i know very little about the technical aspects of 3d. can one "transfer" a 2d drawing(s) into a 3d model? meaning, can i imagine ...
last post on March 14, 2010 - by grumpy
Since our launch in 2001, ALADO LAPTOP ELECTRONICS DEALS LIMITED has been one of the fastest growing GSM cellular phone and accessories discount retailer on the web- where we present the industry’s ...
last post on March 08, 2010 - by emma111R
comparing software
we are looking for: cheap program that is easy to learn. Possible for making fast, low quality renders and animations but also high end renders and animations! Sow I need to find something in ...
last post on March 03, 2010 - by NielsTorreele
Music Video Animation Possibility! 3D Animation Talk Music Video Animation Possibility!
Hi Guys As you maybe able to tell I am a new user to the forum. :lol: I have a thought of being able to create a music video using animation as the way forward for the music. Here's the ...
last post on February 28, 2010 - by explosive1
[ Poll ] My first animation
I recently completed a 1 year diploma in 3d animation. The half year was spent learning 3ds max and Z-brush. The second half year was spent working on this animation, alot of time was spent on ...
last post on February 25, 2010 - by bkrupitza
Vue, Cinema 4d and poser - My 1st animation
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ_Oy7N5a40 A Weird animation with no particular story line! comments ...
last post on February 19, 2010 - by Andyba
Animation composed using Vue, Poser, C4d
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYgzpu8KWG4 Please do comment and let me know what you ...
last post on February 19, 2010 - by andrewbell
Animatronic Toucan 3D Animation Talk Animatronic Toucan
(Can't post any link to his video as I'm a newbie to the forum and don't have 15 legitimate posts) But I wanted to share this anyway. Hi all, I'm new to the forum here. First post and all. Here's ...
last post on February 19, 2010 - by andrewbell
Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
http://blogs.theage.com.au/schembri/iceage3.jpg Did you watch this marvelous piece of animation? What do you think? Personally I loved every second of Ice Age 3 animation, didn't expect it to be ...
last post on February 19, 2010 - by andrewbell
new anime 3D Animation Talk new anime
I have found a new anime site, which not just has the most updated anime news but also tons of anime relevant videos. "anime.dormitory". Share with you ...
last post on February 19, 2010 - by andrewbell
Rendering Animation for Mobile Devices? SWF -> MPEG-4?
Hey I'm trying to use mDistribute to upload/sell animation for mobile distribution and I'm having a hard time rendering well in MPEG-4 30 fps which is what they're asking for. I keep getting a very ...
last post on February 08, 2010 - by corragated
Dr who into type thing
Hi there, i was thinking about making a sort of dr who rip-off comedy video, anyways, im not an expert in 3dsmax as of yet, i was hoping some of you could help me with what sort of particle ...
last post on February 07, 2010 - by ussyless
How Do You Rig A Face In Maya?
Hi everyone, I’m new here and was just wounding if anyone knows an easy way to rig a face in 2008 Maya for animation? I’m doing my last year of college final major project and I am an animator but ...
last post on February 06, 2010 - by CG forums guest
3Ds Max8 question: How to remove a portion of an animation
Hi, I have an animation that is 290 keys in length, or about a minute... I only want to use keys 240 to 276, deleting the rest of the keys. It is an motion capture I downloaded from a site, an FBX ...
last post on January 27, 2010 - by dTb
Blender Liquid Simulation
Here is some cool Liquid Simulation rendering, done in Blender 3d I thought it might be interesting to some 3d ...
last post on January 27, 2010 - by Andyba
What should you study to be a 3D modeler and animator
Is a graphic design major that looks like this sufficient: 113 Introduction to Design 3 201 History of Art 3 210 Drawing I 3 222 Desktop Publishing 3 223 Typography 3 300 Art as Communication ...
last post on January 16, 2010 - by Andyba
please help. i need to learn scripting morphing.
I use 3dsmax 2010. how do I use script tool to make new script by my self, so the morpher tool on forexample a face morphs automaticaly to the sound, like lipsynthing? and can I use the ...
last post on January 16, 2010 - by Andyba
What are some good anime news blogs?
im looking for a place where i could get the latest anime/manga news and also the realese of new mangas/anime etc etc just a website where it upated everyday and suchhh,such as ...
last post on December 12, 2009 - by Andyba
making animals skeleton realistic, in legs. 3D Animation Talk making animals skeleton realistic, in legs.
How can i make legs in animals more flexy from the body, like in rotatouille forexample? the issues i have in 3ds max is with the ...
last post on December 12, 2009 - by Andyba
biped problem in 3ds max 2010 3D Animation Talk biped problem in 3ds max 2010
how can i do so the bodyparts of a model dont go trough each other, like in this pictures? how can i make them collide, and the skeletton to make skinned object to collide, and bounse or glide like ...
last post on December 12, 2009 - by Andyba
Can anyone help a beginner find the right program?
I'm new to the world of animation, but not new to the world of filmmaking. I have a project I want to get going to submit to film festivals but the cost of it is just too expense to try to film in ...
last post on November 27, 2009 - by Liamj88
Animated water in Intro guidance
Hello! In school we've got this project that we're supposed to do, so me and two other friend decided to make a game. The thing is, for the itro, my friend wanted a water scene, and I've never ...
last post on November 26, 2009 - by Jompa
3ds Max: Particles and Dynamics?
Hi, I am making my final project for the 3D animation course I am taking and my teacher have a hard time finding the answers to my questions and the assignment is due soon. So I have a couple of, ...
last post on November 03, 2009 - by Belduran
some one can helpme to make this TREX walking ?
hi friends :P im happy because i found this good forum and all of you guys are good in 3D max so i really need your help :) im a student our teacher asked us to do any thing that it has a ...
last post on October 26, 2009 - by tokyo88
What program?
I am doing a project for school art. I need to make a 3d animation of a fight scene with two prestic looking people. I understand that it may be impossible to learn 3d animation before the deadline, ...
last post on October 26, 2009 - by Andyba
Help setting up F-22A Flaps for Animating...
Having issues with animating. I am fairly new to animating... I usually just do still frams so I haven't needed to learn. But, I am working on a mod for Crysis that involves a lot of land/sea/air ...
last post on October 23, 2009 - by tokyo88
Realistic plant growth with polygons?
Hi! I'm trying to work out a way of animating natural-looking plant growth with polygons. I need to create a time-lapse style growth effect to feature in a computer game project, so it absolutely ...
last post on October 23, 2009 - by Andyba
Keyframe animations vs dynamic simulations
When it is more appropriate to use dynamic simulations instead of keyframe animations? What ways there are to make the dynamic simulations more controllable? What is the best way to combine ...
last post on October 22, 2009 - by Andyba
Hi everyone, I just created my own 3d model in 3d max9 and wanted to know if there is anyone interested to animated for me? and how much do you charge? Looking forward to hear from you ...
last post on October 12, 2009 - by limacchina
Pelvis Rotation MaxScript
Hi, I am new in max script. There is something that I could not understand about rotating the pelvis. For example: Q2 = quatToEuler (biped.getTransform $'Bip01 R Foot' #rotation) (eulerAngles ...
last post on October 09, 2009 - by Andyba
Stop motion bailed out computer animation?
Hey Pal, Now animation studio Laika, the group who did last year’s eye-popping Coraline, has announced that they’re bailing out of computer-animated features altogether. From this we can say that ...
last post on September 26, 2009 - by Andyba
Advise Needed Regarding Getting a Character Animation Job
HI Is there anyone out there that can help me. I am working towards getting a job as a character animator and was just wondering if anyone can help. what kind of work should go into a showreel and ...
last post on September 04, 2009 - by Andyba
key visibility for individual poly faces (maya)
Hello maya users, Does anyone here know if its possible to Key (animate) individual Poly face visibility (ONE POLYGON face at a time on 1 whole polygonal object--for example making a nose vanish ...
last post on August 29, 2009 - by Andyba
Web accessible 3d interactive tour of a machine from AutoCad
Hi this is what I need to achieve: I need to create a web accessible 3d interactive tour of a machine from AutoCAD files. User needs to be able to find out specific details of individual ...
last post on August 15, 2009 - by Gibba
maya nDynamics
Hi, I have to prepare water falls from a tap, i have used nDynamics, set nParticle type to water, and emitted them from a rounded plane, i have created an object and set it as passive collider so ...
last post on August 10, 2009 - by Andyba
maya dynamics
Hi, I have to prepare some dates falling down in a dish, these dates have to enbg or flinch a little bit to inside when colliding with the dish.I tried to make the date as lattice, then i gave it a ...
last post on August 05, 2009 - by dTb
3d text falling down like a leaf
hi, I have to prepare an animation of a 3D text falling down rotating as a leaf. I was thinking to import a picture of the text into blender and animate it using some rendering engine such as ...
last post on August 04, 2009 - by sky
3D character Animator Blog
hi, i have a new blog on line with some animations of mine.! hope you enter it and leave a comment! thw blog is in portuguese yet, but animation is animation and you can leave you comments in ...
last post on July 29, 2009 - by dTb
Sprechender Kopf - Speaking Head
Hi, alle zusammen Ich möchte für meine Webseite einen sprechenden Kopf erstellen. Hier eine Beispiel: Klingelaffe.de So in etwa habe ich mir das vorgestellt. In Flash einbinden ist kein ...
last post on July 29, 2009 - by Andyba
Difference Between Go Animation and Stereoscopic Stop-Motion
Hey Pal, i m doing research and doing my study in stop motion and animation industry , i m not getting what is exact difference between go animation and Stereoscopic stop-motion and how to ...
last post on July 08, 2009 - by ikitshop1
Web banner ad with animation price
How much it costs to design a web banner ad with ...
last post on June 12, 2009 - by CG forums guest
Moved: animated dice
Hello, Im looking for some animated dice to come from the back to the front tumbling and landing on a 7, has anyone already done this possibly, or is someone willing to make it. please let me ...
last post on June 08, 2009 - by Andyba
Script Tutorial for Scripted animation plz help
hi guys i am looking for MAX script tutorials through which i can make something similar to this since i cannot post the links here i am just putting the name for the video on ...
last post on June 08, 2009 - by Andyba
Graphical Issue with Model Animation
I have a model animated and it has wierd problems with the biped or something it has both skeleton and biped please help ...
last post on June 06, 2009 - by dTb
converting animations
Is there anyway of converting 3DSMax animations to a "flash" type of file ? As you can gather , I am a "newbie" to the animation process but am quite eager to learn as much as I ...
last post on June 05, 2009 - by Andyba
3ds Max: camera export to maya
Hi, i am looking for a way to export a MAX-camera to Maya ...is there a script,plugin ,betas, free/commercial ...anything? ...
last post on May 11, 2009 - by ismu_moha
3dsmax: Help in animating a scrissor lift with IK
Hi, I have desperately tried to make scissor lift that would be easily animated just animating a simple helper object up/down. I've tried to make the IK for the lift using both HD and HI solvers. ...
last post on May 09, 2009 - by Andyba
Softimage Xsi: Help: Convert Maya animation into XSI
Does anyone know a pipeline to get animation data from maya into XSI? Help greatly appreciated. Richard ...
last post on April 19, 2009 - by Andyba
Basic Particles 3Ds Max
I have been having difficulties with trying to create particles to give the effect of dirt flying into the air during an explosion, this is mostly due to the fact that I don't have very much ...
last post on April 11, 2009 - by Andyba
Animating RTS model(s)
Ok, I have some really basic and stupid questions. In being honest, I am not a modeler, I am asking these questions to get a better handle on the work to be done, and to get a handle on the whole ...
last post on February 12, 2009 - by Ted
How to find design firms who do 3D animation?
How to find design firms who do 3D ...
last post on January 16, 2009 - by web3d
3DAnimation Studio Workstations and RenderFarm
Willing to create a 3D Animation Studio. What is the Hardware&Software that I need? Separate configurations for the Workstations and RenderFarm. Thx in Advance for Help!! Goal: Feature Film ...
last post on December 31, 2008 - by dTb
3dsmax 08 animating/material trouble.
Hey I'm kind of a noob with 3dsmax but I am slowy but surely getting there. I've hit a problem which I can't work my way around, I made a material which reflects objects around it and when I render ...
last post on December 26, 2008 - by rpadc2002
Online experiment on computer animation
This might not be the right place to post this, but I thought I'd give it a try. WIN AN IPOD BY PARTICIPATING IN AN ONLINE EXPERIMENT Within our group a lot of research is done on computer ...
last post on July 03, 2008 - by Maestro81
Gradual IK Swivel Angle in 3DS Max?
Well I am doing a small animation and decided that this time I would use IK solvers (sounded too complex when I first started) and I am having a problem with the spine of my character. I am trying to ...
last post on May 13, 2008 - by Andyba
a little motion http://bleed.hereweb.com/turn.htm you will need adobe shockwave, should auto ...
last post on April 23, 2008 - by Andyba
Open Source Multimedia Instruments
Hello all, this is my first post here. I hope that it would be valuable for you :) Are you interested in Open Source Multimedia Instruments? If you are I would like to invite you to participate in ...
last post on March 28, 2008 - by felix
Newbie Question: Animation using SKP files
Hoping someone can help: Our company has access to very detailed Sketchup files of our building products. I'd like to use them as a resource for some possible 3D animation. Can anyone suggest a ...
last post on March 19, 2008 - by akgage
CHk this site,it contains various collections of MOTION CAPTURE files,all FREE to ...
last post on February 23, 2008 - by mohan_lotus
3ds Max: Crowd animation in CS3.
Is there any way of making crowds of bones-controlled animals? Is there any way i can make motin-clips out of a hierachy? The manual does'nt help me, so i'm turing to you ...
last post on July 19, 2007 - by Pyata
Softimage Xsi: HELP!!! hair with FG
Well, i did some white hair to my character, rendered it and it was ok. Then i imported him to a scene with hdr picture mapped on sphere and FG and i discovered that when i render, all the white hair ...
last post on July 19, 2007 - by AmberPrince
Softimage Xsi: FG and animation. Help?
hi, I want to use FG for my animation but it takes so much time to render the whole animation with FG. So how can I tweak it? I think this would be OK but I don't know how to do it (I mean ...
last post on July 13, 2007 - by Katie Chiesa
3ds Max: Trees with Shag Fur - tutorial
Hi guys Chaos group has posted a tutorial how to make trees with shag fur /www.chaoticdimension.com/ may be this is usefull for the ...
last post on July 09, 2007 - by Ted Town
3ds Max: IK Chains Bending Problems
Hello, I've just started exploring the wonders that are bones so bare with me if I'm a dumbass. www.btinternet.com/~hull.family/IK.bmp I set up a leg and foot with HI Ik solvers and points and ...
last post on July 09, 2007 - by Imho
3ds Max: diagonal lines
hey, i've got a problem in max 4.2. Every time i draw something (a sphere, cylinder, rectangle, or whatever...) , i get crossed lines in the middle of the polygons. It's just like all the triangular ...
last post on June 28, 2007 - by dfk
Softimage Xsi: wireframe
hi guys , its me again :D Is there a way to render wireframe in xsi?> and how do i add glow to my textures? thanks a lot ...
last post on June 28, 2007 - by 3dRebel
Softimage Xsi: Rotoscope problem
I have a problem when i put an image in rotoscope mode...when i zoom on a detail of my model the image don't resize with the model.... :confused: i don't know how change this thx and sorry for ...
last post on June 28, 2007 - by NewTon
Softimage Xsi: HDRI render - XSI
Well I just followed the tutorial in you site Ed, for HDRI renderings. I dunno if I-m doing something wrong, but my images lacks color... it seems like I just get a "nomal" final gathering ...
last post on June 28, 2007 - by Gloski
3ds Max: Texture seems
Does anyone have tips for eliminating texture seems? If I use multi/sub-object mapping to use for example a cylindrical mapping for the model and apply a planar map for the top / bottom to get rid of ...
last post on June 20, 2007 - by Skubbyl
3ds Max: Looking for a velvet shader, or how to make one
Title says it all, is there one available? or maybe a tut, any help would be awesome :) thanx ...
last post on June 20, 2007 - by Dazdranagon
3ds Max: Max Rulz :)
first here ...
last post on June 20, 2007 - by MadWolf
Softimage Xsi: Maya vs XSI
Hi Guys , I am not trying to start a flame war here. I just want to know this: since so many animators prefer softimage , can you tell me whats the difference between the animation tols ...
last post on June 20, 2007 - by drop007
3ds Max: simple script request
hello, this is a simple script request that might be usefull for many guys, i'm can't do it cause i don't know any basic of maxscript but here the problem: when applying a symmetry modifier to a ...
last post on June 13, 2007 - by Kris
3ds Max: Installing Shag in R5
Ok, I'm trying to install shag in R5. I went from R3 to R5 skipping R4. Thusly, I have an R3 CD. I've tried to install from the CD to my R5 directory, then patched it twice. When I open max it ...
last post on June 13, 2007 - by Kris
3ds Max: HD IK problem....HELP???please...
I make some HD IK solver,but when i use the end effector,the ik chain move to some where strange.but i reset the max and make the test , the end effector is ok. and i open the file again , the ...
last post on June 13, 2007 - by Shawn Lancing
Softimage Xsi: Need help: How to make a drive belt
http://img40.photobucket.com/albums/v124/shinova/modelling/belt.jpg I'm trying to make a sort of rubber belt that connects along the two "gears". Basically an engine and shaft, in other ...
last post on June 13, 2007 - by Murat
Softimage Xsi: objects to hair
hi, how can i "scatter" objects to hair, for example to make feathers and so on. i know about helge's tools but i'd like to do it with hair. thank ...
last post on June 13, 2007 - by Nikollas
Softimage Xsi: Graphics tablet support
Does any one know how much support for a wacom tablet will be in XSI 4? ie: pressure, tilt, eraser...toolbar, etc etc. Maybe one of you beta people could spill the beans for once ...
last post on June 13, 2007 - by Nikollas
3ds Max: bired :wavey: :wavey: :wavey: :wavey: :wavey: :airguitar Hello every one. I'm frome China,i live in xi'an. i'm 20 age. This is my ...
last post on June 12, 2007 - by PiX
3ds Max: Three new Tutorials, Forum
Wrote three new tutorials on my site that I wanted to share, they are already in the massive tutorials list but wanted to list them here to get suggestions and crits. The Magma accidently got ...
last post on June 12, 2007 - by Derek
3ds Max: Afterburn problem!! HELP plz
Hello, I'm working on some VFX project and I,ve got stuck due to something in Afterburn that I can't describe take a look at this animation (200k) http://yk3d.tripod.com/files/problem.avi ...
last post on June 12, 2007 - by Shawn
Softimage Xsi: particle and instance
I have created a particle system where the basic shape is a mesh instance. I need to use this option but it seems it is really limited. But maybe you can help me for my 2 problems. 1st I'd like the ...
last post on June 12, 2007 - by ZaSCoK
Softimage Xsi: how to use rendervertexcolors????
Does anyone know how to use rendervertexcolors(prelighting in maya), I click this button then cilck the objective, a window pop up the shadow and illumation are checked others are set to default ...
last post on June 12, 2007 - by Frank Tinoco
Softimage Xsi: Incidence driven by curve
Hi, Is it possible to drive a shader parameter with a curve ? I mean I want to use a curve showing me the incidence falloff rather than using bias and gain ? (A handy way that max and Maya both ...
last post on June 12, 2007 - by Fordicio
Softimage Xsi: particle size
I wanna animate the size of the particles where I put an instance geometry. The problem is that once I have chosen my instance group I have no more control on the size in the particle overview ...
last post on June 11, 2007 - by Natashka1954
Softimage Xsi: Rotation key issues
this is a question for anyone who can help me. i am having some issues when setting rotation keys in XSI version 3.5. i am setting rotation keys in LOCAL mode, but when i play my animation, the ...
last post on June 11, 2007 - by Axan
Softimage Xsi: weighting a new snapped object !! help!
ive got a problem,, im working on a game model thats arlready weighted,,ive added some geometry ( a collar) that ive then point snapped to the existing geometry its not extruded or anything ...
last post on June 11, 2007 - by Shawn Lancing
3ds Max: Video Post question >_<
Please delete this, i suck ...
last post on June 07, 2007 - by Plumbum
3ds Max: Grass animation (Someone was searching for)
Hello X, http://www.geocities.com/jonestation/tut/tut.htm And exactly the one you was searching ...
last post on June 07, 2007 - by Axan
3ds Max: 3ds max skins !
I just found this interesting website this morning : http://3dsmaxskins.free.fr/ It's still empty yet so if you have great skins to share ... ...
last post on June 07, 2007 - by indico
Softimage Xsi: Character Designer and .X pipeline for XSI:Es
A couple of questions for you SoftImage XSI gurus: Is "Character Designer" included in the SoftImage XSI "Essentials" package? Is the ability to export DirectX (.X) ...
last post on June 07, 2007 - by kinoman
Softimage Xsi: tut
... oh yes, what is ...
last post on June 07, 2007 - by Sid Conner