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Subject: Does anyone know what software 3rd Art uses? =)
Forum : General CG Talk
Posted : October 22, 2012
3ds max

the list is virtually endless.
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Subject: Axis of Symmetry
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : August 14, 2011
Hi, I'm new to modeling and have a 3d scan of a face that I'm working on, however when I made the scan the axis of symmetry came out weird and I just want to cut the face in half and mirror the side t ...
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Subject: Best Free 3D animation for Windows and Mac?
Forum : 3D Animation Talk
Posted : May 02, 2011
if you are mainly interested in modelling, wings3D is "hands down" the best modeller, free or other Smile
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Subject: 3ds max export problem
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : January 18, 2011
Just import them back in 3ds max and check if everything works fine.
You can also use Blender 3d to check the imports once again.
There is also wings3d that supports .obj and .3ds imports
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Subject: New guy trying a DS
Forum : Finished 3D Art Work
Posted : June 30, 2009
The title says it all. I've been playing around in 3D for a year or two, but this is one of my first try's to make a good model. Helpful criticism is appreciated, overall nastiness isn't.
All of it ...
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Subject: A complete begginer calls for help
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : November 07, 2008
If you are interested in creating your own 3d models you can start from some open source 3d software like [url=http://www.blender.org/]Blender or [url=http://wings3d.com/]wings3d.

Download them, in ...