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Softimage XSI 3D Tutorials
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Softimage XSI Modeling Tutorials
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Softimage XSI 3D Modeling tutorials

A video tutorial on how to model a truck tire in XSI in less then 5 minutes.

Exercising in relax and smooth deformers

Ploygon Modeling: Subdivision Surfaces

Ploygon Modeling: Set Edges/Vertex Crease Value

The Basics of SOFTIMAGE|XSI Subdivision Surfaces

Modeling a Dog using Subdivision Surfaces

Text Extrusion through displacement mapping

Interactive displacement map painting

Polygon Modeling Tutorial: Jellyfish

Create a "Knight" chess piece using Subdiv Modeling

Video Tutorial: Martin Belleau Modeling Demo

Making Hands: Fillet Intersection

Face Modeling: Weight Maps and the Generic Attribute Painter

Modeling 2D characters using XSI

Polygon modeling methods

Modeling a Plant

Classical Guitar Timelapse Modeling Video

Modelling a Volley Ball in XSI

Shoe Timelapse Modeling Video

The Tire Tutorial