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Modelling the Nissan R390 GT (Max)

making the Lotus Elise Mk1 - Max poly-tutorial

Modeling a Renault Laguna - Max Tutorial

Car Nurms modelling - good "conceptional" Max poly-Tutorial

Modeling Joan of Arc by Michel Roger - a great tutorial, Creating a character from A to Z, modeling, textures, skinning.

An Industry Lesson

Box Modeling the Basic Shape of a Car

Creating a Bonsai Tree

Creating a Realistic Animated Cable/Rope/Flex

Creating an Asteroid

Creating Animated Grass

Creating Fire in 3DSMAX

Designing a Faucet

Guide to Making a Polygonal Head with NURMS

Introducution to Polygonal Modeling

Low Poly Modeling for Real Time

Making objects splat

Making of Audi TT

Making of BMW Z3

Making of D'ni Firemarble Holder

Modelling a head poly by poly

Quick Poly Modeling of a Rim in 3ds max

Realistic head with NURMS

Spline + Subdivision Head Modeling

"It's all in the Eyes" - creating realistic eyes