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MAYA 3d Modeling Tutorials
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Shading, Texturing and UV mapping
Cloth, Fur
Paint Effects
Dynamics, Particles, Fluids
MEL scripting
Lighting and Rendering

Maya 3D Modeling tutorials

Creating Candy Cane
Instancing without instance
Ford Focus Tutorial - part 1 - set up the image planes for good reference
Ford Focus Tutorial - part 2
Ford Focus Tutorial - part 3
Ford Focus Tutorial - part 4
Creating High Res Polygonal Models
Basic Nurbs Modeling
Modeling the Maya logo - italian tutorial
Poly-modeling of a Ferrari F2003
Modeling a Nurbs Car Wheel
Modeling and Animating a Mechanical Hand
How to create Bevel text with Nurbs
How to Build a Car
Modeling a philips webcam
Modeling an SGI O2 chassis.
Creating Easily Animatable Tank Treads
Star Wars walker
create mechanical stairs
Model a Flexo
how to create a box
Modeling a Shampoo Bottle
polygon Sword
creating a lab
Modeling a spaceship
Modeling a Ship in Maya
Low Poly, High Powered Gun
Modeling a kettle
The art of rounding corners on nurbs models
Creating fillets without using a fillet tool
NURBS Modeling - Putting it all together: NURBS Island
NURBS Modeling - NURBS-editing
Attaching NURBS Surfaces Cleanly
Further explanation on attaching NURBS surfaces - zip-file
How to convert NURBS into Polygons efficiently - zip-file
How to mirror and then attach geometry - zip-file
How to setup Image Planes in your scene for reference - rar-file
Modeling a polygonal wheel - italian tutorial (!)
Modeling a Braceler With NURBS - Romanian tutorial (!)
Cup Modeling With NURBS - Romanian tutorial (!)
Chord attached on both ends
What is Continuity?
PointOnSurfaceInfo node trick
How to split a polyset into individual polys
How to build a spiral staircase
Polygon Modeling - video
Working with SubDs - video
Extruding curves - video
Working with Maya's History - video
NURBS sculpt - video
Splitting Polygons - video
Lofting curves - video
Using the Revolve Tool - video
Detaching surfaces - video
Using the text tool - video
Convert Surfaces - video
Using the Birail Tool - video
Combining Polygons - video
New Polygon Tools in 4.5 - video
Modeling a fishing pole - video
Bevel Plus - video
Smooth proxy - video
NURBS Trimming - video
Building and animating a robot arm
Beginners modeling

Box modeling the basic shape of a car (in this case a SAAB96) - another good Max poly-Tutorial

Modeling a head using Nurbs-Polygon technique
Basic Modeling for a Cartoon Head - spanish tutorial
Cartoony eyes
Insuring model accuracy for a human head
Modeling a NURBS-Head
Modeling a NURBS head - polish tutorial
Modeling a polygonal head and creating Hair in Maya
Modeling a Head - the Sphere Method
The progress of modelling a Character (modeling/texturing/hair)
Realistic Head Creation
Poly Modelling a Head by the Hobbit Guy
Poly Head Tutorial
Modeling a Head with Subdivision Emulation in Maya Complete
How to patchmodel a head in Maya
Patch Model a Head
Process for Modeling a (poly) Sub Division Head
Patch Modelling a head
Sub-D Head Modelling
Modelling a head from a cube
Modelling a Human Head with Maya Subdivisions
Head modeling
The Structure of the Head and Features
Head modeling
Create a pumpkin face
Modeling a Polygon head
Modeling a Nurbs head
NURBS Head Modeling
Modeling a human Head in Maya
Modeling a Head with Subdivision Emulation in Maya
dobermunk - The Head Tutorial
Advanced Character modeling "dobby"
NURBS-Artery with Maya (modeling, texturing and lighting)
Modeling a foot in Maya
Moedling a tarantula - italian tutorial
Realistic Ear Modelling - portuguese tutorial
Realistic Hands Modelling - portuguese tutorial
Realistic Foot Modelling - portuguese tutorial
Creating A 3D Ear (Subdivision Surfaces)
Low-Poly/SubD To Nurbs Conversion
Modeling with NURBS - Lofting curves and extracting new curves
Process of modeling your own characters using NURBS
Creating High Res Polygonal Models
LowPoly Character Modeling
Modeling a low poly character in Maya
Modeling the Human Figure
Completing the Figure
Planning for Character Setup (must login - free)
Modeling of Poptosen (The bimbo) in NURBS
Modeling a Pirate Rat
Modeling a Monkey with Artisan
Modeling Santa Claws
Modeling using CPS
CPS basics - video
Extrude Face Options - video
Split Poly Tool - video
Human Hand modeling - video
Simple Dog Shape Modeling - video
Simple Man Shape Modeling - video
3D Paint tutorial - pdf
Character Modeling Tutorial
Create a Nurbs-Fish
How to create a realistic looking turtle - Modeling part 1
Model a Chicken
Modeling a Dragon Man
Build a Tree House
Modeling a dragon with NURBS
Modeling the shark man
How to Build a Body
Creating A 3D Ear (Sub D)
Modeling the Human Figure
Progress of modeling The Burden - WIP
Creating Simple Eyes with Blinking Eyelids in Maya
Creating A 3D Eye (Nurbs)
Modeling of the Eyes
Image Planes for Head Modeling - gnomon video
Modeling a Human Ear
Modeling a realistic hand
Polygonal Character Modeling
Modeling a giraffe with Polygons
Quake Models in Maya
Modeling a human Figure (pt1)
Modeling a human Figure (pt2)
Subdivision Surface Modeling Tutorial
Modeling a Low poly character
Modeling Using Connect Poly Shape
How to build a 3D character
Character Modeling and Animation in Alias Power Animator
SubDivision Surfaces - a brief Maya tutorial
Nurbs Modeling
Stitching Surfaces, Patchmodeling
Stitching a NURBS character
Stitching a NURBS leg
Wire Tool Part 1
Wire Tool Part 2
Seamless modeling - 1. An Introduction
Seamless modeling - 2. Head, hands, cloth
Seamless modeling - 3. Dog's body
Easy Character Setup
Poser to Maya Import
Good Layout for Sculpting
Hair for 3D Characters
modeling a mechanical hand
Making of a dragon mesh
Faked Polygonal Metaballs, Objects, polygonal, MetaBalls, Objects
Maya Subdivision Surfaces
Organic Modeling and Animation
Organic Modeling Part 1
Organic Modeling Part 2
Organic Modeling Part 3

Modeling Joan of Arc by Michel Roger - complete character-modeling (Max)
self made man - a LW modeling tutorial
3d modeling for housewives - useful Lightwave poly-tutorial
Subdivision Modeling of a Human
Nurbs Info
Modelling Characters with Nurbs in PA
Modelling a head with Nurbs in PA
Modelling a Bug Head with Nurbs in PA
Modelling basics non maya specifc
Sub-D modeling a foot not Maya specific
Modelling an Ear with metaNurbs in LW
Polytrans IGES optimization
Modelling a brain in Lightwave
Modelling Characters with Nurbs with MAX
Sub-D Modeling Tips
Modelling a soccer/football in Max
SubDivisions with Mirai
Modelling from Cross Sections in Lightwave
Constructing the Human Head In 3D non maya specific
Modelling Process