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MAYA Lighting and Rendering Tutorials
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Shading, Texturing and UV mapping
Cloth, Fur
Paint Effects
Dynamics, Particles, Fluids
MEL scripting
Lighting and Rendering

Maya Lighting and Rendering tutorials
Faking Global Illumination with point lights
Light Linking using three point lighting
Realistic Reflections - Fresnel
Realistic Reflections - HDRI
Command Line Rendering in Maya
Faking HDRI in Maya
Structured Importance Sampling of Environment Maps
Lighting In Layers - By Jeremy Birn
The concepts for lighting in 3d
Raytrace Transparency
Compositing a 3D rendered object into Video
Render globals - video
Spotlight Color - gnomon video
Glow Threshold - gnomon video
2d Motion Blur from command line - video
Using the RGB + Alpha Channels to speed up the rendering times - video
Creating Gobo's - video
Light linking fog
How to map a material on a shadowed part of an object in Maya
Adjusting the shadow density of a lighting
Specular, diffuse and ambient lighting per light
More Rendering in Layers/Passes
Darkness Tutorial - Compositing using Maya, PaintFX, and Photoshop
Texturing and Rendering a Sci-Fi City
Cartoon Shading in Maya 5
Render Passes for Maya - Tutorial
Backlight glows
Advanced Global Illumination
Three-Point Lighting for 3D Renderings
Faking Radiosity
Faking outdoor illumination in maya
Faking ray-traced shadows with detph-map shadows in maya
How to use the skyLightControl window
How to use the skyLight with an animated textures from an envSky
How to fake real specular highlights with the skyLight (HDRLI)
Creating motion-blurred shadows in Maya
How to bake shadows in Maya
Wireframe Rendering
Single Sided Wireframe Rendering in Maya
Non Photo Realistic Shading in Maya
Batch Rendering Multiple Maya Files
Environment Mapping Without Raytracing
Correcting Glow Flicker in Maya
Creating a fast Athmo
Faking Global Illumination
Baking (� convert to file texture �) Workarounds
Lighting flat objects
Rendering Guide
material & light tutorial
Depth map auto focus
Display resolution or filmgate?
A Desk Lamp Light
Shadow Quality
Spotlight Decay Regions
Controlling Fog Density
Transparency Shadows
The Fisheye Camera
How to bake shadows in Maya
Faking radiosity in Maya
Multi-Patch Model Tesselation
How to render a real volume in Maya
BACKLIGHT SHADER by Emmanuel Campin
Faking ray-traced shadows with detph-map shadows
Creating motion-blurred shadows in Maya
WaterWaves Plugin
Camera/Light texture projection
IPR Rendering 24
How to Prelight a scene
Light Linking in Heavy Scenes
Rendering in Passes and Layers
Simple Fog
Depth of Field as a Post Process
Spotlight Fog
Faking outdoor illumination in maya