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Maya Dynamics and Particles 3D Tutorials
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Shading, Texturing and UV mapping
Cloth, Fur
Paint Effects
Dynamics, Particles, Fluids
MEL scripting
Lighting and Rendering


Maya Dynamics & Particles Tutorials
Active Sword Tutorial
Cigarette Smokin' Babies
Breath Vapor Simulation
Changing Sprites Orientation
How to create falling leaves with randomly rotation
Instancing animated geometry to particles
Duplicating particle objects
How to set up a rope-animation with local gravity
Using RigidConstraints with Maya RigidBodies for MelBotWars
Flock U!- Maya 4.5 Particle Instancing
The Paint Peel Effect - Maya 4.5 Dynamics
The Barbell Effect - Nonlinear Deformers and Dynamics
How to make a realistic cable - including gravity
Tornado Effects
Rail Dynamics tutorial
Fire Ring Example 1 - video
Instancer derived Level of Detail - gnomon video
Learn the Basics of Particles - video
Rendering Hardware Particles - video
Particle Collision Effects - video
Creating Particle Collision Events - video
Rigid Body Simulations - video
Softbody Simulations - video
Working with Per Particle Attributes - video
Gravity vs. Uniform / Using Per-Particle Mass
How to create Real Smoke
Realistic Liquid
Slider Controlled Ocean Wave Breaking
Creating a cord attached to something on each end
Sprite - Based Particle Trees
Creating Special Effects with Particles
Creating the logo effect from Matrix
Creating a Missile Trail
Interparticle Collisions
Surface Emitted Particles on SoftBody Tenticles
Dynamic Constraints
Particle runtime rules
Particles in Maya - (german tutorial)
Inter Particle Collision
Clouds the old way before fluids
Explosions (is offline alot)
Using Particles to create cold breath
Creating cigarette smoke with particles
UpInSmoke Smoke Tutorial
Random Particle Sizes
Candle Flame
Colliding Softies with Rigids
distanceBetween node
Emit Geometry from a Point Emitter
Particle Emission when Objects Collide
Paint Effects: Brush Restore Tips
Paint Effects: Brush Restore Tips (French Version)
The Smoking Maya Tutorial
Turn auto exposure off for glows in animations.
Using Particle Speed
Volume filled Uniformly with Particles
MAYA Fluids tutorials top
Combining Fluid and Particle Dynamics
Fluids tutorial - Fire burn
Using Fluids as Textures
Review: Maya Fluids (german tutorial)
Maya Fluids Demo (Quicktime Movie)
Fluid Dynamics
Maya 5.0 Fluids Overview - video
Using 2D Fluid Containers - video
Using Images in 2D Fluid Containers - video
Using Maya Fluids to form an image
Maya's Fluids to Particles
Interesting but not for Maya