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Maya Paint Effects 3D Tutorials
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Shading, Texturing and UV mapping
Cloth, Fur
Paint Effects
Dynamics, Particles, Fluids
MEL scripting
Lighting and Rendering


Maya Paint FX tutorials  

making grass and animating it with dynamics
Create Hair with PaintFX
Creating hair with PaintFX
How to Create a Tree using PaintFX
How to Create Long Hair Using Maya Paint Effects and Maya Cloth
Use Paint FX to Make Some Flowers - video
Paint Effects - the ultimate hair designer
Creating hair using Paint Effects
Create a vase of flowers with paint effects - italian tutorial (!)
Paint Effects hair
3D Paint Tip
3D Paint basics
PaintFX hair
How to paint on Subdivision Surface inside Maya
Create Grass. Make the grass grow, change look and motion
Brush Restore tips
Create a Jellyfish, using Maya Paint effects
Growing a plant up a column with rain and blowing tree
Maya Painting Effects - Part II
Maya Painting Effects - Part III
Maya PaintFX for 3d scenes
Fun with PaintFX - Overview
Fun with PaintFX - Learning Paint Effects
PaintFX Q&A - General workflow - Developing custom brushes
PaintFX Q&A - Capabilities and Design of Paint Effects
PaintFX Q&A - Optimization
PaintFX Q&A - Curves
PaintFX Q&A - Clouds
PaintFX Q&A - Reflections/Refractions/Fog
PaintFX Q&A - Rendering Problems
PaintFX Q&A - Glows
PaintFX Q&A - Shadows
PaintFX Q&A - Animation
PaintFX Q&A - Auto Painting Multiple Strokes
PaintFX Q&A - Hair
PaintFX Q&A - Plants
PaintFX Q&A - Mel Functions
PaintFX Q&A - Presets


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