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A Simple Winter Scene

This tutorial will teach you how to make a simple winter scene, including some fir trees and a snowman. It is supposed to show you how to use the most common Blender functionalities (i.e. modelling, adding materials and textures) and shortcuts.

Hillside Tutorial

Today we'll be creating a hillside scene in Blender.

Cartoon Eyes with Lattice Deformation

Part 1 of this tutorial will demonstrate how to create basic cartoon eyeballs in Blender Creator 2.23 and deform the eyeballs with a lattices.

Creating Pixar-looking eyes in Blender

The goal of this tutorial is to make a Pixar-looking eye.

Building a Spiral Stair

One of Blender's features is its ability to use animations as a tool for modeling. Strange as this may sound, it is often a very powerful technique. In this tutorial I describe building a spiral stair. Using traditional methods, this would require many steps to model, but once you grasp how a moving object can represent the final result, it becomes a lot easier.

Building a Castle

I have always been fond of castles. I simply can't resist the urge to create one in Blender every now and then. This tutorial will introduce you to basic modeling techniques in Blender.

Fun with nurbs

In this tutorial you'll be making your own cartoon style mouse head like you see on the image, using the blender Nurbs feature.

The Cave of Torsan A

In this one, I'll be explaining the skinning tool of Blender. The idea is simple: using a number of cross-sections, I will create an organic-looking cave.

A Die

In this tutorial, I'll explain how you can create a die in Blender using only meshes.

A High-Tech Corridor

In this tutorial, I'll explain how to make a high-tech corridor for fly-thru animations. Some techniques that will be used here include: extrusion. duplication of objects. lens flares, bumpmapping

Creating a Logo

Converting a bitmap into a 3d object

Modeling a Dolphin

Creating a model of a dolphin by using nurbs and deformations.

SubSurf Modelling Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to make a little octopus, using the "subsurf" functionality of Blender, which allows you to create smooth/organic shapes rather easily

Modeling a Toyota Celica

I first modeled this Toyota Celica to learn the modeling of one of my favorite machines and to increase my modeling skills. Most will agree that modeling a complete car for the first time is quite complex. What follows is based upon that modeling experience, with the hope that it will benefit others.

Modeling a Bicycle Chain

The techniques described here are not the only way to create a chain, but it is an effective method. This tutorial requires a working knowledge of blender.

A ride through the mines

In this tutorial, we'll be playing around with curves and procedural objects a bit. Starting off with only a handfull of shapes, we will make an animation of a ride through an abandoned mine. The technique used will allow you to make changes to the shape of the path easily and not have to worry about recreating stuff like the motion from scratch.

Car Modeling

Using mesh editing and subsurfaces to model a racing car.

Using Subsurfaces for Head Modeling

Excellent tutorial about modeling faces

Modelling Bongo

Who or what is Bongo? Just a fantasy creature we are going to model for this tutorial. By the way, we can say that Bongo is a mammalian which lives in water, as a dolphin and the walrus, and this can be enough: because it is a non-existing creature, we can begin to model following our inspiration...