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Maya Cloth and Fur 3D Tutorials
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Shading, Texturing and UV mapping
Cloth, Fur
Paint Effects
Dynamics, Particles, Fluids
MEL scripting
Lighting and Rendering


Maya Cloth and Fur Tutorials

Fur Basics - portuguese tutorial
Cloth Shirt Tutorial
Cloth in Maya for beginners - video tutorial
Maya Cloth Tutorial-Video
Demystifying Cloth in Maya
Impressionist Paint fx using Fur
Cloth - Shirts with Collars & Fringes
Some Fur Tips
Bed Cloth Example 1 - video
Maya Cloth Demo (Quicktime Movie)
Making a Tablecloth
Making a Shirt
Making Pants
Exporting & Importing Garments
Creating Cloth
Draping & Fitting
Animating Cloth
Playing Back Cloth Simulations
Adding Texture & Shaders
Managing Cloth Scenes
Maya Cloth Cache Format
Digital-Tutors Fur kit
Fur anyone?
Painterly Effect using Fur
Italian Cloth Tutorial
Maya Fur FAQ
Making a Jacket
Animating Realistic Cloth