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Maya Shading, Texturing and UV mapping 3D Tutorials
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Shading, Texturing and UV mapping
Cloth, Fur
Paint Effects
Dynamics, Particles, Fluids
MEL scripting
Lighting and Rendering

Maya Shading, Texturing and UV mapping tutorials
Shading networks and expressions
Helix Core DUSB Texturing Tutorial
Texturing Polygons - UV Mapping and using Photoshop to create textures
Texturing Resources
Texturing Tutorial - The power of high pass filter
Texturing Tutorial - Tiling textures
Texturing Tutorial - weathered metal
Texturing Tutorial - Painting hair
Texturing Tutorial - From Top to Bottom
Dirt-Shading for a Mini Cooper
From dirt-maps to lips-painting - very good Photoshop texturing tutorials
Polygon texturing - italian tutorial
UV Texturing A Polygonal Head Mesh In Maya
Texturing laying out Uv's
Texturing laying out Uv's Part II
Transferring UV's from one object to another - video tutorial
Using animationcurves in shading-networks
The surface of reality - A Short Introduction
Projecting Textures onto Surfaces in RAT
Texturing For Dummies 1 - An Introduction & Overview of Photorealistic Texturing
Texturing For Dummies 2 - Projection Techniques vs The Painstaking art of UV Mapping
Texturing For Dummies 3 - Making Great Colour Maps
Texturing For Dummies 4 - The Diffusion Confusion
Texturing For Dummies 5 - Specularity, Glossiness and Reflection
Texturing For Dummies 6 - Translucency, Transparency and Refraction
Dr. Julianīs Texturing Tutorial
how to create grunge maps - Photoshop tutorial
how to create a seamless water texture - Photoshop tutorial
Creating Repeating Textures - pdf
Basic Maya Unwrap Tools - video
some UV tips
swaps uv position between 2 or 3 uvs/vertices
Tranfer UV's to multiple identical surfaces simultaneously
Simple Texturing process
UV-mapping-Tutorial - zipped pdf-file
The fire-breathing dragon - Polygon Texturing Tutorial
Texture Mapping a scorpion
UV mapping in maya
UV smoothing in Maya
Generating and using normal maps in Maya
Recovering normal and displacement maps from existing geometry
UV Setup for a Monster (german tutorial)
To UV Or Not To UV
Texture Map NURBS Dragon
Dealing with Surface Parameterization
Layered Texture Tutorial
Texturing a Low poly character
Ugly Character UV Map Tutorial
Advanced UV Mapping (a continuation of the ugly uv map tutorial)
Texturing a Head with Subdivision Emulation
how to copy uv's among other
UV Texturing Mapping
Optimizing Textures
Texturing Mapping - Overview
UV Mapping the Gun
Polygon UVs
Unwrapping UV maps
How to map a 3d texture (XYZ) into 2d (UV)
NURBS Texturing
How to share texture nodes
Texture Resolution
Texturing A Head Modeled with Subdivision Emulation
Using the Hypershade - video
Use a Layered Shader to Make a Label on a Bottle - video
UV Texturing Mapping in LW
UV Mapping for games in LW
Creating Displacement Maps on a Tumbler Lid
Using the Switch utility
Creating a shader for the tumbler
Using Shading Switch in Hypershade
Various shading-networks tutorials
Maya Shader Tutorial - Perfume Design With Maya
Cartoon Shading in Maya 5 / Mental Ray
Double Sided Shader - video
The new Ramp shader - video
Building an Eye-shader part 1 - video
Building an Eye-shader part 2 - video
Sampler Info Node + Ramp - video
Realistic Eye Texture Painting - Photoshop Tutorial
"Dirty" Custom Brushes - Spanish Photohsop Tutorial
Courseware Notes - Maya Shaders
The Power of diffuse maps
Creating Clouds in Maya using Particle Clouds
Creating a Velvet Shader
Wet mapping technique - how to drive a shader with particle dynamics
various shaders - overview and explanations
Human Head Shading
BackLight shader
Guide to Hair creation
Texturing Workshop: Creating a photorealistic human face
Making a Fur-like material with Maya
Realistic snow
Painting clouds
American Flag
human skin shading
how to create a realistic looking eyeball
How to create a Wet Shader in Maya
Bug Surfacing
Texturing a Monster (german tutorial)
Specular and Ramps
The spaceChange Utility Node
Seamless texturing: Part 2 of Creating a realistic looking turtle
Seamless texturing: Part 3 of Creating a realistic looking turtle
Putting a label on a bottle
Non photo realistic shading in Maya
The Cornell Box Simulation
Adaptive Bump
Mixing Procedural textures
How to make headlights for a car
Creating Photorealistic 3D Eyes
various very good shading tutorials
Weathered textures
shader download
Shader transparency
Creating Backgrounds for 3D Games
The surfaceLuminance node part 1
The surfaceLuminance node part 2
Animating HSV attribute of a texture file
how to simulate reflected light
worn, painted metal (Max)
Unreal Tournament Skinning
Shader Networks
Making Metallic Shaders
How to Combine Bump and Displacement Maps
How to Create a Ghost Shader
Shader Glow Tips
Water Flow using Paramaterization - gnomon video
Texturing top