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Subject: Hello! New to 3D modelling and to this forum
Forum : New Members
Posted : February 29, 2012
I've started modelling in 3D Studio Max, Maya, Silo, Cinema 4D. Don't think that i know them all. I'm just at the very beginning with all of them. I hope I can find some usefull information on this fo ...
Forum : 3D Animation Talk
Posted : October 05, 2011
So I'm fairly new to 3D and needed some advice. But first a little background on who I am what I wish to do (if you prefer to skip forward to the actual question, which I've bolded below, I won't be ...
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : January 07, 2010
I recommend standard unwrapping procedures, then rendering the UV template. Many applications (Blender, Maya, Max, Softimage, Modo, Silo, etc) allow you to do this quite easily, check Google & hel ...
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Subject: making a 3D pair of sneaker
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : January 07, 2010
I recommend you use blender if you don't have a preferred commercial application. Out of commercial apps, I strongly recommend 3D Studio Max, Modo, or Maya. I don't know about Silo (never had the chan ...
morph gizmo
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Subject: CG Q&A
Forum : General CG Talk
Posted : December 06, 2009
Hey everyone,

There is finally a new site for us to help and learn in a Q&A fashion: CGSquad . C-O-M.

It's certainly not a replacement for places like this, where you discuss things, but com ...
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Subject: Surface Normals Limitations and N-Gon Limitations:
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : October 02, 2009
I'm new to 3D modeling, but have learned a whole lot in a few days. I am putting the finishing touches on my first model, a car which will hopefully be used for a video game, ultimately. I have 4 ne ...
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Subject: Which program should I purchase?
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : August 25, 2009
If you need rendering then modo 3d, cinema 4d or even why not blender 3d.
If you don't need rendering then silo 3d, wings 3d, hexagon 3d will do the job.
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Subject: 3d Modeling Software List
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : July 16, 2009
Purely 3d modeling software with some UV mapping and texturing tools:
Pixologic ZBrush
Autodesk Mudbox
Google SketchUp Pro
Rhino 3d
Strata 3D
Wings 3d
Izware Nendo
Neverce ...
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Subject: 3d Modeling Career
Forum : General CG Talk
Posted : June 10, 2009
3d modeling software like:

- a free and powerful 3d modeler.

has a good set of 3d modeling tools.

- an affordable 3d modeling software with robust industry standard tools.

There is al ...
Marcus Dublin
Forum : 3D Fight Club
Posted : May 13, 2009
I'm more of a 3ds max guy. Although I use Maya and Silo from time to time. I'm now getting into XSI so my opinion may change.
Marcus Dublin
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Subject: Easiest 3d modeling program
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : May 13, 2009
You may also want to give Silo a go. It's pretty cheap and has a simple learning curve.
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Subject: Best 3D sculpting program
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : December 31, 2008
Lorgon Jortle, 3ds max is not a sculpting program it is [url=http://www.3dmd.net/forum/3d-discussion-5744.html]3d animation software.

HoOva65, if you are talking only about 3d sculpting I think sil ...
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Subject: Best 3D sculpting program
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : December 07, 2008
I've been modeling for about 3 years the old fashion way(wire frame) for video games that im developing and i need to know which is the best sculpting tool. I have a tight budget so i nee ...
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : July 21, 2007
You can try [url=http://wings3d.com/]wings 3d it's free and has all the functionality you need.
Another option would be [url=http://www.nevercenter.com/]silo 3d.. it is a more complex commercial prog ...
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Subject: Keyboard Question
Forum : 3d Graphics Hardware Forum
Posted : September 16, 2006
i'm in the market for a new keyboard and Looking for some feedback.
Would a Gaming Keyboard such as:Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

be usef ...
3D news
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Subject: Silo 2.0 announced
Forum : CG News and Events
Posted : August 18, 2006
August 2nd, 2006
Boston, MA -- Nevercenter Ltd. Co. today announced the impending release of Silo 2.0 as an open beta for registered users. Silo is a focused 3D modeling application designed to fit ...
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Subject: 3ds Max: please help - noob question
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : June 03, 2006
well there are several apps that are adding micro modeling tools to their toolset in upcoming versions
i know Silo was one of them, theres another app thats along the same lines as silo the name illu ...