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Posted: June 08, 2009
I'm 16 and I'm sitting my A-levels. I have decided I want to do 3-D modeling at University. I know Staford uni do a 3D modeling course, do any others? I will need a portfolio of work right? And approx 3 C's and A2. I've used Maya abit but I'm gonna neeed more than the 30 day trial to make a portfolio... Could any help me? How can I get acsess to Maya or similar software for a enough time to make a portfolio. Should I even be usinmg Maya, I made some decent enough stuff in Maya but I'm aware they are other software programs available. Any advice? Smile
Posted: June 10, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Maya is more an animation software, modeling being just a tiny part of it - that's why it is so expensive. There once was Maya Learning edition that was not limited in time but after Alias was bought by Autodesk they discontinued it and offered the 30 days trial instead..

To make a 3d modeling portfolio you can use any other open source or cheaper dedicated 3d modeling software like:

Wings 3d - a free and powerful 3d modeler.

Blender 3d has a good set of 3d modeling tools.

silo 3d - an affordable 3d modeling software with robust industry standard tools.

There is also Luxology Modo which is already on the expensive side but has very powerful tools.
Posted: June 12, 2009
John 117
Thanks, realy into Animation too. I could do either to be honest. I remember, animating on Serif during my DT leasons back in the day... Not done any 3D modeling but LOADS of 2D. Hmmmm, I'll dowload those 3D modeling software(s) when I get home Smile Thank you.
Posted: June 12, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Blender 3d is an animation tool too... But if you are already used to Maya interface it will be difficult to get used to Blender.

Can you post some of your best 2D works? I'm just curious Smile
BTW I have started a new 3d modeling fight game. So you can take part if you feel comfortable Smile
Posted: June 21, 2009
There is a lot of 3D software , such as the Maya, 3Dmax, Rhion, sketch....but they have different advantage,studying which one is depends on what will you do, or what you like to do.

Maya is for the high quality 3D uses.Such as the moive level animation.
3Dmax is for the nomal quality 3d Uses. They can meet the require of 3D architecture animation.But they also can do some high quality work if you are professional at it.
Sketchup is used for the conceptional architectural design.

Here is my personal oppion, just for your reference:)