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Keyboard Question

Posted: September 16, 2006
i'm in the market for a new keyboard and Looking for some feedback.
Would a Gaming Keyboard such as:Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

be usefull for working in 3D programs such as Maya, Silo, XSI ect?
it seems like programmible macro keys would be usefull, but would the backlit keys be anoying after awhile?
anyone using a setup like this?
Posted: September 29, 2006
3d artist gallery Andyba
Heh i don't think keyboard is the most important thing. For me any keyboard will do as long as it works properly.
Mouse, video card, and monitor that's what is really important. Wink
Posted: August 27, 2010
I agree. You can use even the cheapest keyboard when doing graphics design, for it will not matter anyways. Really, video card plus good CPU specs would do to have a high quality, easy to work 3D atmosphere.
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Posted: September 07, 2010
3d artist gallery G.Dechi
I agree 2 , but if u really want to buy expensive keyboard i suggest u to go for razer`s products like lycrosa very comfortable one and it looks nice Smile