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making a 3D pair of sneaker

Posted: January 03, 2010
I'm a total nood at this 3d modeling stuff. I need to make a pair of 3d sneakers based on a pair I already have. I've did a good job with the sole using solid edge, but I'm having trouble doing the leather top. Ideally I'd use flat panels that I would then bend like the original leather panels. I've tried skiniing several sections together to make to top but i dont like the end result. What software/method would you suggest?

Thanks! XD
Posted: January 07, 2010
I recommend you use blender if you don't have a preferred commercial application. Out of commercial apps, I strongly recommend 3D Studio Max, Modo, or Maya. I don't know about Silo (never had the chance to use it), but it may be in the list as well.

I also recommend starting from a single box for the entire shoe. Subdivide it down the center once, along the sides a few times. Relax the upper edges. Inset, negative-extrude, and bevel-in the top. Subdivide it length-wise a few more times when you get down the initial shape, then continue smoothing when necessary.

When you find that you need to add details to the upper part of the shoe, simply spin the edges around so that the polygons (stick to quadrilaterals) shape the base of the object you're trying to slap on (in Max, this can be done with a script). Don't make a separate object, simply extrude the part out of the shoe. Don't use subdivision until you have all the major details in place unless you feel absolutely comfortable modeling with it.