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3ds max export problem

Posted: January 17, 2011

I am into model selling business. Just started it. I am creating my first model of a small bathroom with some shower sets. The tiles have standard materials with.TGA textures applied on them. And the shower sets have Raytrace materials with .hdr environment map. I want to sell the models including all materials and textures in four formats: .max, .obj, .fbx and .3ds. I am working on 3ds max version 9.0.

I know that the remaining 3 formats are available under File > Export menu. But I am clueless about how to test whether the exporting is done properly. I mean whether it is opening properly with all model and texture coordinates, facing, materials etc intact in other applications?

In short, I need some guidance in detail regarding the file export procedures in above three formats.

Sorry if I am repeating an already answered question. Please give me a link if it is already discussed before.
Posted: January 18, 2011
3d artist gallery Andyba
Just import them back in 3ds max and check if everything works fine.
You can also use Blender 3d to check the imports once again.
There is also wings3d that supports .obj and .3ds imports
Posted: May 02, 2011
3d artist gallery lyndon
max is a proprietary format (meaning that the person downloading the model will have to have max installed), however the great thing about this format is that assuming the user downloading the file has max installed they will see the model and all the contents of the file as it is intended.
the other formats are not specific to any particular 3D application, however they will not have certain features that the original file does. for example if the original file has animation neither obj or 3ds will be able to export with animation. these formats are particularly useful for exporting models with UV data.
fbx does support animation, but in order for it to work in the end users software; animation must be implemented as a part of the import procedure (depending on the software the end-user has chosen). what that means is that although fbx does support animation, importing animation from an fbx file into another software package (other than the package the original file was created on) might still fail.
open collada seems to be another popular format, currently.