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3ds Max: Texture seems

Posted: June 14, 2007
Does anyone have tips for eliminating texture seems? If I use multi/sub-object mapping to use for example a cylindrical mapping for the model and apply a planar map for the top / bottom to get rid of stretching, is there a max specific way to get rid of the seams? Or does it have something to do with the way the texture is created around the borders? I don't have any example pics, I don't want to start before I know how to do it Smile
Posted: June 15, 2007
it depends on what the texture is, where its placed etc etc. But a good way to make seams invisible in a lot of cases is to make your texture map tile. In potatoshop apply an offset filter (under other) which will move your 'edges' into the middle of your image, a quick run round with the clone tool can rid you of any seams. If you needed details where they were on the bitmap, you can then apply the inverse offset amount again to get things to line up.

Posted: June 18, 2007
erm, I hope I know what u mean...

Texporter (http://www.cuneytozdas.com/software/max/texporter/index.htm)

This one allows you to make an uv-snapshot.

This snapshot you can now texture and paint

in photoshop. The Texporter let u choose between

cylindrical or spherical snapshot...

hope u meant that
Posted: June 19, 2007
If you are trying to texture a complex object with multiple material IDs you will just have to accept that there will be seams, and do your best to minimise them. This means placing the seams where they will not be noticable (as far as is possible), and doing anything you can to disguise them.

One trick I used on my barbarian model (which had an unbroken skin surface from the waist up) was to create a procedural undercoat which covered the whole model, then mapped on my bitmaps and made a mask for each one which faded the bitmap towards the outside. That way I didnt have to match up the borders of any bitmaps, cos the undercoat showed through at the seams. This was a pretty lazy workaround admittedly, but it worked in that instance.
Posted: June 20, 2007
Seamless Tileable textures.

The best method I know of for creating a seamless texture is open the texture in photoshop offset the image by 30 pixels up and across and set the offset to wrap around and then paint the edges out. When this is then applied to your model the texture will be seamless on itself.

Seamless textures using unwrap uvw.

If your seam is being created by the uvw mapping use unwrap uvw to give yourself precision control over texture placement. Once you can judge acurately where your seam falls on your texture you can paint the texture to appear continuous.

I hope this helps.