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modern bathroom

Posted: May 20, 2009
3d artist gallery renderpimp
modern bathroom
created with cinema 4d and rendered using fryrender. took just under a day to finish.

Posted: June 06, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Nice render. Did you use any post processing?

BTW how much time does it take to render such a scene?
Posted: June 06, 2009
3d artist gallery renderpimp
i cant remember how long but 90% of my renders take around the 1hour mark, but i also have a dual quad xeon
Posted: June 06, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Wow, Dual quad xeon, this is no joke!!! Is it 8 cores in total?
What about ram?
Posted: June 06, 2009
3d artist gallery renderpimp
no joke its a boxx dual quad xeon and yes 8 cores i have 8 gig of ram and a HD that i also use as memory
Posted: June 08, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Heh... my pc would render the same scene in 8 hours Smile that's if it manages to render it at all Very Happy

You didn't answer about post processing, did you tweak the image in photoshop or something - I can notice some slight blurs around the edges of many objects that make the image look smoother. I am just curious if it was done by fryrender.
Posted: June 08, 2009
3d artist gallery renderpimp
in fry and maxwell you can add lens maps and also bloom/ glare which would happen with a real life camera. this is used in this image so i am guessing this is what you refer to the "blurs around the edges" the only thing i did in PS was add the logo and border
Posted: June 08, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Thanks for clarification. Interesting film like effects...
Posted: June 29, 2009
nice post!
Posted: July 15, 2009
Considering the elegant simplicity of the models this is really a beautiful render and I love the textures and composition. Like the lens effect...
Posted: June 22, 2010
nice picture. it looks very realistic.
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Posted: July 02, 2010
I like it, though that tree seems like its in the way rather than a decorative/functional piece.
Posted: September 01, 2010
very nice render ! Looks like you did that really fast and easy..
Posted: September 01, 2010
Great textures, where did you find them or how did you create them, especially for the walls?
Posted: March 10, 2011
Very nice. The reflection of the walls across from the mirrors are a nice touch.
Posted: March 11, 2011
Really nice one. I'd like my pc to render such images in such short time Smile
Posted: March 12, 2011
Nice. pretty sure my pc has all the right specs to render. not sure ima newbie at thsi stuff
Posted: April 05, 2011
GREAT it feels so real i cant believe its animation
Posted: April 21, 2011
Very nice. Reflection of the walls facing mirrors are a nice touch.
Posted: April 23, 2011
Very good modeling and texturing. Where did you get the inspiration for the design was it from an image?
Posted: April 26, 2011
Nice bathroom! did you model every piece of it yourself?
Posted: August 10, 2011
3d artist gallery vk3d
Very nice render. Its realistic!
Posted: August 17, 2011
Your skill is super! Looks great
Posted: September 08, 2011
Vincent Desjardins
REALISTIC!!!!!!! wow nice job ! love it
Posted: October 03, 2011
amazing work and good result !!
Posted: November 05, 2011
Wow!looking really nice.My wife tell me about this and i see is really beautiful.....
Thanks for sharing.....
Posted: November 16, 2011
Outstanding work, would love to see that for real.
Posted: August 20, 2012
very good rendering- looks very nice!