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Im a beginner

Posted: December 21, 2011
I want to become a 3d designer, but i only have a dream and a little money. Do i need to go to a famous college to make my dream come true?
Posted: December 22, 2011
No you don't. All you need is money for proper PC and much, much patience during learning.
Posted: December 28, 2011
You Can Order an animation software like IllusionMage (look at my signature)
Posted: December 30, 2011
you can do this by using software....
Posted: December 31, 2011
Stick on your dream and try hard!I think you will be successful in the end!
Good lucks and happy new year!
Posted: February 07, 2012
Hello I am first on this forum. I have completed my basic level in 3dmax 18 month ago but i couldn't continue this. But now I practice this vary importantly and i complete My basic again. Now i want to be a advance modeler. That means advance poly modeler . Please help me............
Posted: February 10, 2012
Hey i dont think so that you have to go in a famous college you just need a good college for your 3d Designing and have some patience and one day your dream will be true
Posted: February 10, 2012
You need computer and the internet. That's all! Everything else can be learnt from online resources. Youtube is an awesome place to start.

300 computer will be fine for a beginner. Some poeple will argue on me with this but seriously, for a good few years your hardware will not hold back your learning.

And good luck!
Posted: February 28, 2012
amile duan
A famous college is not necessary to realize your dream.
In my opinion,you can take a cheap training course,and make full use of the Internet,
have more patience , work harder and harder,your dream to become a 3d designer will come true one day.
Good luck for you!
Posted: February 29, 2012
The net is full of tutorials both written and pictured. Google arround, read and watch some randomly, get a grasp of what is what and how things are being done in general. This is a must before getting any kind of training, so you can decide what exactly are you interested in and what do you need to achieve your goals.
Good luck.
Posted: March 16, 2012
I've learnt most of what I know from posting on forums Smile
Posted: March 22, 2012
The net is full of tutorials, no doubt
Posted: March 22, 2012
Practice is much more important. Try to start~~gain more experience
Posted: March 29, 2012
I am Johnasjade and I am New Here In This Forum..