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Should I go with Blender or something else?

Posted: March 09, 2011
I'm not really an animator. I'm a writer. I've written some scripts that I'd like to turn into cartoons. I've been looking at Blender and it seems like it would work for me. I want to create something quality or else it won't sell but if the software is too complicated (where it takes a year to create five seconds worth of cartoon) it won't do me any good. How easy is it to sync sound with animation in Blender? Is there other software that might serve me better?
Posted: March 09, 2011
It's better to do what you do best. So if you are good writer - find good 3D animator and pay/interest him to work with you.
If blender is complicated for you - other software will be complicated too.
Posted: March 27, 2011
It's easy to say Smile I have a script i will do an animation. ok. do it. But this is a loooong way Smile
Posted: March 29, 2011
I would suggest IllusionMage.It is affordable and easy to learn.A good software for beginners.
Posted: April 05, 2011
blender is free first of all if your not very experienced i would suggest to use blender for your first few months and then get into other things like maya
Posted: May 02, 2011
3d artist gallery lyndon
lol illusionmage is basically blender for bucks. if you google it you'll find a whole bunch of posts relating to scamming. Nonetheless PKonst makes a valid point.
Posted: May 24, 2011
I agree, blender is a bit intimidating for the beginner. But maybe that's why you should try it. This is a old song about New York that says "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere." Learn the basics on blender, just don't expect to create toy story 3 after a few weeks or even months. And that goes for most 3d software from what I've heard... But still, I've be thinking there must be some software out there by now that make the creation process more streamlined. Just do more research. Does anyone know if Daz Studio is any good?