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Subject: Welcome to 3dmd forums!
Forum : New Members
Posted : October 25, 2011
Thank you. I just joined this forum. I always been an artist ever since I was a kid and was always interested in animation. I just purchased that 3d animation software lately and fell a little bit ove ...
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Subject: What can be called the best 3D animation software?
Forum : 3D Animation Talk
Posted : October 25, 2011
Hi I was wondering what would make it a scam...because i just purchased the software and it seem all right to me?
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Subject: Questions about IllusionMage
Forum : General CG Talk
Posted : October 25, 2011
Hello everyone, I have purchased this software lately called IllusionMage and I was wondering if there was anyone who was familiar with it that can give me a few tips. Thank you.