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What can be called the best 3D animation software?

Posted: February 27, 2011
The best 3D animation software

People watch films like Shrek and play games like Prince of Persia and are amused by the wonderful 3D animations they contain.While enjoying this content they think:

Wow,the fil and game makers must be geniuses.Their fantasy has no boundaries and they make such unique visual effects,sometimes realistic and sometimes fantastic.People wish they could do such things by themselves.But,to them this seems a dream similar to the dream of meeting Brad Pitt and Anjeline Jolie.Why?

Firstly because they think that you should be a computer tycoon and to learn a ton of programming langages in order to be able to use a 3D animation software.

Secondly knowing how to use the software isn't enough.You should have a limitless imagination.

Thirdly the best 3D animation software must be very expensive so you should have a lot of money to take possession of it.

So,what would common people consider the best 3D animation software?

A software:
1.Easy to use
2.Which provides a nearly limitless area of options and a wide range of choice.
3.Which is cheap

As for imagination all have a unique world inside our soul.It only needs to be explored and implemented.Don't forget that folklore which is art created by the common people is the basis of modern art.

So,can we find a software which deserves to be called the best 3D animation software?

Yes,now we have it.Things are getting easier and easier for all.

And here it is...IllusionMage.

In my opinion IllusionMage deserves to be called the best 3D animation software.According to the criterias mentioned above:

1.It is easy to use by everyone.Besides that it comes with a ton of text and video tutorials.
2.It is easy but its complex too.It can be used to create films,games,advertisments and much more.It competes with dignity with the software used by the best studios of Hollywood.

3.Its cheap and affordable by everyone.

Nowaday there are a lot of products which try to have our attention.But,in this case I think that IllusionMage deserves it.For further information contact me.

So check it by yourself and then prove me right or wrong.I welcome your comments.
Posted: March 03, 2011
Have to check illusionmage. Heard of that one but never tried it.
Posted: March 04, 2011
Watch out, it seems to be a scam - look at the forum thread: Illusionmage - scam or for real? and you decide.
Posted: October 25, 2011
Hi I was wondering what would make it a scam...because i just purchased the software and it seem all right to me?