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Free Tool To Share, Preview And Comment On 3D Files

Posted: April 08, 2020
Hi Group, here is a free file transfer tool that also lets you chat with people you share with. It's called version.new

You and the recipients get a link to the project, with on screen previews of all files (we preview all image formats as well as 3D files). You can give permissions to people to download the files, or you can chat live and comment and there’s a pen tool to mark up images. We are currently working on an improved pen-tool for 3D files which should be released in a few weeks.

It’s free to use, carbon neutral and no one needs an account, not you or the people you send to. And we track file versions so you can compare new with older file versions in a project. Hence the name.

I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Take a look at https://version.new/
Posted: May 17, 2020
Hello guys I hope this might help you if you love 3d animations. I tried this myself and the results were awesome ! https://bit.ly/2WBMN4T
Posted: October 30, 2022
Thanks for sharing this tool, with the help of this tool I create a 3d project of dhe freight tracking
Posted: November 29, 2022
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