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Getting into 3D animation as a career.Will I have enough xp?

Posted: October 22, 2012
Hey people,

So i recently took on a MSc in Computer Science which is essentially a conversion into the subject for those who come from another discipline. (Used to be a science teacher but still young and in early twenties)
Funny enough, i started to sneak into some of another courses lectures (for extra learning) which were based on Maya and a few other progs (Character and environment design/modelling and animation production.)

I told the lecturer and he was fine with me attending as a non assesed student. However, I have realised this is where my interest lies regarding computing. Programming etc seems boring to me nowand I really want to get into 3D modelling animation. Bringing things to life, being incredibly visual and the fact that I find it fun and interesting make me want to pursue this.

The uni is currently umming and ahhing about letting me pick up 4 modules of 3D animation/modelling in place of some of my existing comp science modules.

If this was to be the case and I came out with an MSc which had modules on programming, animation, set and char design, comp graphics, production project, web tech and dissertation etc would that be enough to get my foot in the door?

Or would the hybrid course just be pointless and not substantial enough?
I fear coming out with a mish mash degree and having small companies/intern possibilities look at me and go 'pfff' not enough knowledge or xp, but on the other hand, i don't want to graduate with comp science and then be no closer to getting into animation/3D modelling.

Can you offer any advice?

Thanks Smile
Posted: February 26, 2013
You seem like you have alot of interest so use that to propel you forward but I think the hybrid course could be enough
Posted: November 04, 2013
It all depends on your ability and desire to learn.
If you really want to learn you can learn all the 3d stuff yourself. It's relatively easy in comparison to math and physics that are also important for 3d animators and TDs.