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New (Test Shot Clip) of Zey The Mouse riding a bicycle!

Posted: October 10, 2012
Hi, all

This is a Test Shot of Zey riding a Bicycle and doing a few stunts!!
I will edit the best part to include on the intro for the Episodes!!


zey test shot (28).JPG
Posted: October 11, 2012
All models looks fine for me. I guess that you just did sequential shots with aid of your camera. I watched a film which you attached and there is thing which was distracting me. The lightning constanlty changes. Mybe refine photos in Photoshop, or make another photos. I like your idea anyway and looking forward for next works Smile
Posted: October 12, 2012
Hey!! yes the lighting did change, i did notice and tried, it is very hard and knackering! but as ive said to others i will keep experimenting and will try different scenes, etc like a walking scene and see how it goes!!

Thanks for following, much appreciated!!
Posted: October 15, 2012
You've chosen really hard type of animation. Really hard to make it look good. I wish you luck on your work and wait for more works.
Posted: October 26, 2012
Hi, Thanks for your comment! it is hard, very, i am practicing and will take my time with the 1st episode, will continue to do Test Shots!

Again, thanks for your interest!!
Posted: November 13, 2012
Wow,how cute the little mouse is!
Posted: January 02, 2013
Thanks coral!! Zey is awesome!!
Posted: January 09, 2013
amile duan
funny idea! your mouse is made so cute,like him.