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need help in choosing render farm

Posted: April 24, 2012
amile duan
Hello,everyone.I am an animator.Last Friday my boss asked me to find a
reasonable render farm for a heavy rendering project.But there are so many big and small render farms online,that I am just confused which one should be choosed.

Has someone used any online render farm before?If you did,please tell me
some features of them, you know that the information on their websites are
always not very clearly.Thanks very much.

Our software is 3ds max 2009 and maya.And if my post doesn't belong here,please forgive me.
Posted: April 25, 2012
I have used three different online render farms before.Hope these information can make a help.

They use Renderpoints to calculate .Firstly, I have to install 3ds max or maya before using. And my task was lost when I logged in the client on other PC. Also I canít close the client even I finish uploading and this causes some troubles to me. But they have android and ISO client. Sometimes, users can get a better access to their service.

Calculate based on credit, The lower the task priority, the more credits you can get. The more you prepay, the lower you have to pay for credits. But their policy is unstable.

A new render farm, the page looks simple, but their cost-calculating way is relatively easy. You can get USD$ 20 when you register.
Posted: November 26, 2012
render rocket
By using a Cloud Rendering service, such as Render Rocket, you'll have all the benefits of a state-of-the-art render farm using 64-bit processors, an all gigabit network and screaming fast storage servers. You'll also have access to the latest high-end production software, installed and ready to use on-demand. All of this, without the overhead costs & maintenance necessary in building your own farm. We offer Unlimited Free Test Renders, Discount Packages & Student Pricing. Thereís also the benefit of having a live Customer Service & Technical Support team available; if you should need any assistance with your project. Contact us at: support (at)renderrocket (dot)com

Happy Rendering!

Render Rocket Team
Posted: December 11, 2012
Ya i have tried online cloud rendering from http://www.ultrarender.com/. You can choose ultra render. It gives best services. The astonishing speed of rendering is achieved by moving all calculations to our GPU Cloud (a GPU renderfarm). Nothing burdens your computer. UltraRender is also hardware independent. It works on desktops, laptops or even tiny netbooks. It runs under Windows and Linux. Cloud Rendering solution power of a RenderFarm is always at your disposal and for the fraction of its cost. With UltraRender online rendering youíll save on corrections - photorealistic preview will eliminate mistakes, which are difficult to avoid in the standard work mode.[/code]