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Film Director requires advice from 3D animators!

Posted: March 10, 2012
Hi, sorry this post is long. I am a director, working in the UK, and I am currently developing my next feature film (for cinema release).

I have always tried to push my technical boundaries as far as possible with each new project I take on, and so the film I am currently developing is live action, but has a certain amount of 3D effects and animation required.

I am working with my producers to find the most cost effective way of achieving this, and so I have come here to try and get some advice from anyone currently involved in the 3D world! I need your advice, to drive my project forward!

So here are a few of my initial thoughts, and questions. Feel free to chip in.

1) The film is a monster movie with a heart. It will require some very high quality (cinema quality) graphics and 3D animation. For example, one sequence requires a sea monster to reach up out of a dark lake, and destroy a ferry (boat).

2) The budget for the film will be fairly low (low for a feature film - but we are talking properly managed and reasonable spending - not pipe dream zero-budget). I need advice from people working in the 3D industry to advise me on how best to spend my money. Should I go to an FX house and pay them directly? Should I go to an effects house and ask them for animators who want the chance to step up (i.e., lower ranking inters or assistants who want the chance to move up a pay grade) and make some savings? Should I look to create a team of talented and enthusiastic animators myself? Where is best to source a lead animator? Is it worth looking at University graduates keen to make a mark? --- ALL your advice will be very much appreciated!

3) I will need pre-production concept art done. Screen tests with animation would be amazing.

4) Is anyone interested in helping? I know there are lots of talented people out there - and I am happy for this process to be international, I am currently based in the UK.

5) Thank you for taking the time to listen, and for your advice!
Posted: March 10, 2012
If u would like go ahead and email me or add me to skype.skype id is gamesjeff,email is gamesjeffathotmaildotcom.look forward to talking to u about this.