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Looking for beginners basic.

Posted: February 25, 2012
Hey guys, This's my first forum for the animation field i've created. Right now i'm doing my animation course and i'm about finish it and i'm working on my showreel. Hope i'll do good.

Would u guys plz give me some good tips to improve myself?

I mean, things i should know for beginners who looking animation job.

Thanks in advance.
your friend, Arun.
Posted: February 28, 2012
Continuig to work, will improve you!

I learned 3d drawing and animation at home, wanting to do lots of stuff. Doing them i improved myself. Making such stuff, there appears problems, let's say needs from you, so i fulfulled them learning from tutorials (youtube).

Propose for you some projects and start making them;)
Posted: March 07, 2012
I am also learning 3D Animation. It is very interesting require more and more work.
Posted: September 12, 2012
luca fattore
Study human and animal movement from youtube clips .
Posted: February 02, 2017
Radhika Iyer
I am looking for 3D Animation course in Pune but I am still in dilemma which institute should I go for ? Below are the 3D animation courses available :
Can any1 suggest me whether should I go with this course or not?
Posted: June 09, 2018
I have completed my 3D Animation Courses in Chandigarh after 10+2. Now I am fully prepared for my first job. If you want to improve your animation skills on your own then the internet is the best place where numerous people like me increase their skills level. It's not time-consuming and money wastage area. According to me, the internet is the best place to enhance your skills freely. But it just requires patience and hard work.