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The Best, The Most Professional Texturing/mapping Tool

Posted: February 03, 2012
I'm looking very professional texturing/mapping plugin for 3D Max. High price is not a problem but quality has to be very high. What market offer these days? What is the best tool in your opinion. I found Zbrush but have no experience. what do you think?
Posted: February 03, 2012
Zbrush is not a plugin for 3ds max it's a stand alone software.
It is one of the best 3d sculpting software, I don't know much about it's texturing/mapping abilities.
UV mapping in 3ds max is good enough. Texturing can be done in Adobe Photoshop CS5.
Posted: February 03, 2012
Zbrush is good for pixelpainting but if you want use texture maps then I'd propose Mudbox. For me Zbrush is better than Mudbox for everything except texturing. In ZBrush you have to jump from projection master to sculpting mode to turn your model which is a little annoying for me. I really like ZBrush for everything but this. In Mudbox you can paint directly on your model. It works smoothly and you see what are you actually doing.

I also heard that MARI is very good soft for this. Maybe even best than those above but I hadn't tried it. There is trial available so you may try it.
I use AE effects from The Foundry and these are one of my favourite. I suppose that rest of their products are high quality stuff too Smile