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Tips and advice please. -3d artist graduate. Stuck.

Posted: December 29, 2011
Dear 3dmd forum users,

I'm looking for a professional perspective, or a listening ear, to keep me on the right track, so I can eventually land my dream job.

You see, I went to 3d design school, and got my BA in visual arts.
When I graduated my software licenses have expired. My portfolio from graduation is not good enough to help me find a job. Due to expired software I am unable to improve my skills or portfolio.

I currently work at Comcast, and haven't touched 3d software in 2 years.
I'll be saving money to purchase 3ds max, zbrush, and photoshop.
It will take a few months though. I do not plan at staying at Comcast for more than I need to.

What I think I need, is someone I can ask advice from, so i can get back in the loop of creating 3d art. I definitely need to purchase the software again, but after that i'll need help with a game plan. Having someone to talk to or oversee my progress, would help me boost my productivity.

Maybe I need moral support, or just someone I can keep in touch with for advice. I feel stuck right now at my job, until I can purchase my software.
My goal is to create a worthy portfolio so I can join the job search.

My dream is to become a 3d artist. It is my passion.

Thank you for hearing me out.

Posted: December 29, 2011
I anticipate having enough money for all my needed software sometime in Mar-May.
After that my focus will be on portfolio creation.
Once I have positive feed back on my portfolio I will join the job hunt.
I'll keep this forum post as my journal, and anyone who is interested in giving advice is certainly welcome.

Thank you 3dmd(dot)net Surprised