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i need help on deciding on what type of computer to get

Posted: November 23, 2011
im new at maya. i barely started taking animation courses at my college last year. so pretty much i just know simple basic modeling, i want to start improving my skills at home. Thus, i would have to get a new computer that can support a educational version of maya, thats pretty much free for students i believe. Ive look at computers, all i know you have get an intel processors and a nvidia video card bur im pretty confused im not really much of tech guy but i need suggestions on what type of computer i should get that wont suck up all my cash lol. Much help would be appreciated Smile
Posted: November 23, 2011
CPU - Take as much and fast cores as you can. In my opinion it mustn't be Intel. Just find some tests and choose the one with good proportion of price and power. It's often that for 1-5% of power you have to pay triple price which obviously isn't worthy paying.

GPU - Take Nvidia with no doubt. It's all because of CUDA. I'd be glad if power of AMD cards would be supported but it isn't for now. If you will use your machine for work only then take some Quadro. If you will use it for entertainment too then look for some powerful standard card. I only know that there are some newer cards that works slower than older ones in viewport so you'd check it out or maybe someone here will propose something.

RAM - As much as you can but 12GB should be enough for comfortable work.

I'm going to change my old PC and will have to read more about that too Smile My problem is GPU because except work I play games and will need some card that will be quite good for both - gaming and working.
Posted: November 24, 2011
well, i just want simple rig because im just learning how to model simple stuff. Im not at the complicated stage where i need an awesome computer to render out my models. Obviously when i do get there i need upgrade once again. I just want something decent that can handle maya that is not expensive.
Posted: February 22, 2012
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If you're looking to build a cheap computer and you are up to it, build your own.
The higher end stuff actually works out to be only a couple hundred bucks more to have built. The most recent one I did I ran the math and it came out so close I had a trusted vendor, JCV Computer in Santa Ana, Ca do it.
But I've built a lot of cheap computers too and you can save quite a bit over major brand computers in that space.
You can save a lot of money by going with an AMD chip: I have an old Opteron system still kicking along that I bring in for added render power when I need every last Ghz. Most 3D programs multithread so you will get mileage out of more cores as opposed to higher clock speed and lower core numbers.
Intel however still has the best chips ever since AMD whopped them good when multicore first came out.
I'd agree with the nVidia assessment too, but it's more a matter of personal preference. Despite what probably everyone will tell you, you don't need to go nuts with a bleeding edge graphics card. I work with high poly objects all day long on an ancient 9800GTX+ with no complaints. I have a 570GTX on my newest machine which is admittedly smoother, but not so much that it would affect productivity.
I always buy Supermicro motherboards. They are expensive and possibly overprices, but I also have a half dozen of them and have built another two dozen and never had a problem with one, so, I tend to favor them.
There are however an infinitude of better priced boards out there that probably offer similar features, Asus comes to mind.
I know nothing about RAM, I just pick what I can afford that isn't bottom of the line and try to go with a brand I've heard of before.
Same with power supplies.
Heat sinks are a whole thread by themselves. I tend to favor copper, lots of it, and big slow fans with 4 pin PWM plugs.
Look for a case with lots of ventilation and places to stick hard drives.
There's not really many ways around the OS, I go with Pro and I know there's a reason for that over Home but I can't remember atm, I think it has something to do with networking though so maybe not an issue for you.
Good luck!
Posted: September 07, 2012
I agree with baalnazzar's opinion, for GPU I recommend to take Nvidia for the same purposes. And talking about RAM 14GB for me is just fine. Good luck.
Posted: September 11, 2012
Aaron Production
core i7 3,8 ghz with 16gb ram and gtx560ti for around 800 US well proven by me...
i also have alienware m18x and it has basicaly same power although i use it only for rendering while working on other machine

what i learned is that it is all about processor, canīt wait for some consumer 6 core