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Lightwave or Cinema 4D?

Posted: November 01, 2011

I plan to purchase a software to 3d graphics (I don't like blender).For today i used student version of maya (for learn), but I want to make comercial projects. The problem is the the price of maya - 4500 euro is to much for me at now. And I'm wondering about Lightwave or Cinema 4D. But i have two questions about those:
1. Which one of these two listed will be friendlier with jump of maya.
2. Which of these programs is better integrated with Zbrush - which I intend to also learn?
Posted: November 04, 2011
no one can help it this topic?
Posted: November 07, 2011
I don't use C4D or Lightwave (I use 3dsmax) but I was testing those once. I think that C4D is more friendly. I'd say very, very friendly. My friend who has never had anything to do with 3D learned C4D basics very quickly. I don't know if it works good with Zbrush but I don't think there should be any problem with it.
What about Lightwave - it thrown me away quickly. I don't say it's bad soft. I just didn't like it's interface. It was long time when I seen it, maybe something changed, I don't know. What I'm sure is that Lightwave works very good with Messiah Studio Smile
Posted: February 22, 2012
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I'd guess Cinema 4D. I've used Lightwave my whole life and Maya and Max seem incongruous to me. Cinema 4D and Lightwave are also highly interchangeable I'm told so it's possible the answer is neither. But FWIW both are really good programs. If I could justify the expense of buying a second 3D Program I would get the Cinema 4D Broadcast package.