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VFX Education online

Posted: October 27, 2011
Hi guys.
My name is Lenar Mingazov. I'm vfx generalist and i spent last year making online education courses for students. It's included Basics and Projects courses (based on my real commercial works)

If you looking for VFX education (Maya and After Effects) you can read description of them on my site. And its not SO expencive like at other schools.

After full course you can do works exactly like this:

Project course included:
video lessons of all production stages from start to end of project with my explanation
all project files and rendered sequenses, so you can choose what you want to do on any project.
my personal time to support you (1,2,3 month).

If you need to understund basics to VFX and need to start learn Maya and AfterEffects from beginig i got 2 weeks Basics course

So, if you interested learn more at startvfxpro/com

And if you have any questions about education like this ask it here.