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please help with bones

Posted: August 08, 2011
Hi! I am making a skeleton for a car to get it into a game and I have trouble with linking bones.

First, the game only supports a speedometer, and I wanted to make an imitated rotationsmeter by linking rotationsmeter to speedometer, so that it would rotate for 1/2 amount of speedometer. The animation engine requires has 3 frames:



-max speed

but it only rotates one bone. Thats why I have to link rotation of rotationsmeter's bone to rotation of speedometer's bone. If I use link constraint the rotationsmeter is spinning around speedometer's bone, not around its bone ( I still want it to rotate around its bone, just for 1/2 the magnitude of speedometer's rotation.



Sorry if I complicated the explanation, but im stil quite new to this (trying to get better though in my free time). Thanks to anyone who tries to help me. I appreciate it.