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3ds max or cinema 4d for high school?

Posted: August 05, 2011
So im really into film making and such, but mostly special effects and motion graphics. I would like to get the student version of one of these (cinema 4d or 3dsmax). What i want is an easy interface, the least amount of rendering time possible (i know itll be a lot but still..) and to be able to make good text models (looks realistic). Rig them, animate them, etc. But ALSO i would like to integrate some of that into real video (using PFhoe, boujou, etc.)

correct me if im wrong, i heard cinema 4d is better for what im trying to accomplish because it has a smaller learning curve and is a little better with text. BUT THIS WAS FROM A NON-RELIABLE SOURCE....


BTDUBS: the software i am currently using is FCP, Adobe production premium cs5, boujou (school has a license) and sketchUP (which i would like to upgrade) hehe thanks!
Posted: August 06, 2011
I think 3ds max is a lot better than c4d...
There is reason that more people are using 3ds max.
Posted: August 09, 2011
Nice information about 3d max. Thanks for sharing.
Posted: August 26, 2011

Try 3ds here are good books on manipulating 3D text using this program.

Posted: December 04, 2011
I say go for the cheaper one while you are in highschool
Posted: February 29, 2012
Go for C4D it has more tools and it is cheaper, Max has a bigger market because it was the first in addition it is good for architecture.
Posted: March 02, 2012
amile duan
In my opinion,3dsmax is more useful than cinema 4d.
Very Happy
Posted: March 02, 2012
C4D - cheaper, maybe more tools (I'm not sure)
3DSmax - more expensive, lot of free and paid plugins and scripts for it which gives it even more tools and makes it very powerful.

Choice is yours. I like max especially because of these plugins and scripts and because it's easy to find help if you stack with your work.
You may eventually think about Blender which is powerful and free Smile
Posted: March 06, 2012
You could try Blender. It is free and open source, and is pretty impressive. Also, there is a wealth of tutorials, and instructional videos for it. It is a fully functional solution and I actually prefer it to 3ds max.