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How/where can i get or make this please?

Posted: July 26, 2010
I would like to get the speaker animation shown on the home page of the site "treehouserecordingstudios" [sorry I am not allowed to place a direct link here since this is my first post] so can anyone have a look at that site please and advise me on the following?
Is it possible for me to make such an animation which looks as close to the real thing as possible? Whatl I am seeing on the net looks to "cartoony" for my taste, if I cannot make one like in the link then is there anywhere they sell it or something similar please?
Posted: August 05, 2010
3d artist gallery CGmagia
yes, you can make realistic 3d speaker ,what exactly , and why you want , the speaker animation , you didn't describe it clearly,you can make realistic stuffs by high quality textures, and using good renders like mental ray , , i join today this forum site . i am fresher , but , i know it confidently , use high pixel textures .OK and mental ray render.c ya ;]