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Character Animator locking for a job

Posted: January 30, 2010
Hi all
I'm character animator in Poland. I work in full movie production on character animator position title of movie "Golden drops" and same time i work in short 12 min production 3D movie "ASYLUM 5D" on special effects position like a reactor symulation cloth symulation, character riggoing and modeling also animation, at last time i creat 15 spiders and animate them.
I'm loking freelance job o pernament also good is contract Smile on character animator position. I work in 3ds max photoshope mudbox, motion builder, maya(medium) adobe after effects and adobe premier.
I have 6 years experience with 3D graphic and 2,5 year on character animator and rigger position.
My web www[dot]characteranimator[dot]hostzi[dot]com
and www[dot]3dart[dot]yoyo[dot]pl
If you'are interestet this is contact
Tomasz Grenda +48602106331 mobile and e-mail addres:
Best Regards for all Smile
Posted: February 18, 2010
if u want any animator jobs pls go through this jobsinworlddotcom