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Creative 3d Modeling Fight - 1 hour limt

Posted: January 29, 2010
3d artist gallery Andyba
Creative 3d Modeling Fight Rules
  1. 3d Modeling Time is limited to 1 hour, you can spend less time but you can not spend more. Please include the exact amount of time you spent modeling in your message.

  2. Upload a screen-shot image of you 3d model and the actual 3d model.
    1. The 3d model should be in .obj format
    2. The uploaded file should be archived with zip or rar
    3. The archive file should be less then 1 mb

  3. You can use any of the 3d models created previously in this fight. You can combine them in various interesting ways. You can even take the initial 3d object and start something new from it.

  4. You should agree that the 3d model you upload here is public domain and other 3d forum users can freely use it while taking part in this contest.

We will start with the same 3d model as in the first 3d modeling fight, the cube:

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