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WIP - scifi lady

Posted: April 18, 2009
I used Blender and Makehuman for this. I am still building the scene..

Posted: April 18, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Wow nice model!
What is Makehuman by the way? Never heard of it?
Is it open source too?
Posted: May 11, 2010
Whooowh s is hot Smile Nice body shapes !
Posted: August 31, 2010
The is a nice model.
I think you need to work on the breasts.
It looks like it is going upwards.
The shirt also needs to be worked on.
It is very flat you should add more details.
Though, there is many work to be done I think you can do this.
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Posted: February 27, 2011
Cool! great job! excellent work
Posted: May 24, 2011
Yes make human is free and open source humanoid modelling software
Posted: May 25, 2011
She's very, very similar to the woman from your very, very old topic:

It looks like you really haven't much time to work on this model because I can't see much difference between this and the older one.

As bryan said now and before - there's much to be done. There's STILL much to be done.
Posted: January 12, 2012
really a very nice one great looks and features well done
Posted: March 26, 2012
3d artist gallery CG_ARTStudio
Cool Very Happy Nice women. Mid poly model?