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How 3D Website Animation can increase sales?

Posted: January 21, 2009
In today’s competitive online business environment the key to standing out from your competitors is to have top of the line cutting edge technology on your web site. One of these outstanding technologies is 3D animation. There are several advantages to using 3D animation designs on your business web site.


Using 3D models on a web site is more likely to capture the attention of a potential client. These 3D images, because they are so unusual, a quite impressive to a viewer. Because they are cutting edge 3D models that are more likely to be remembered for a longer time than standard imaging. And using cartoon animation or character designing to explain a product is an amazing marketing tool to ensure your company and product will be remembered when the competition is long forgotten.


Use of 3D imaging is perfect for the company that wants to present a model of an item such as a car or a building. As a matter of fact the construct of an item can best be seen using 3D architecture. This type of imaging allows for a variety of tools to be used by the viewer. The model can be rotated, or 3D walkthroughs can be offered on your web site.


3D animation is a great way to take a very difficult concept that would be hard to relate verbally and turn it into an easy to understand 3D image. Using architecture design in 3D and character animation is an idea or intricate display that can be explained simply and easily using these visual cues.

Finding 3D Animators

Having decided to use 3D animation on your web site, then next step is finding professional 3D animation services. The question is where to look for a 3D animation company.

India is renowned for being on the cutting edge 3D technology with cost effective advantages, so search for a company based in India. The 3D animation company should also have a portfolio of its work, testimonials from other clients and a means of contact either by phone or email.

Online is the best place to look for 3D animators. India based companies will be plentiful so keep in mind what you want and make sure the company offers that particular service.
Posted: January 22, 2009
Yeah whatever...
What is the point of this post?
Posted: January 27, 2009
i haven't seen a good 3d website yet.

Posted: January 28, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Sneer wrote:
i haven't seen a good 3d website yet.


agree.. the need for plugins makes all this technology useless for the majority of users.

Plus it requires using expensive 3d animation software to create it.