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Archer Class Capital ship - Work in progress - need help

Posted: November 05, 2007
Hey, im new to 3d modeling and im looking for a few people that can be of some helping hand. i have a VERY low poly model that i made on google sketchup pro (i know, not realy the BEST program there is but its simpler and less tedious that doing ALL of it on 3dsmax) and then i imported it over to 3dsmax and did 1 tweak to it and then i could render it properly. one major issue now is skinning it, ive tried and failed so many times, just to get the damnUV map right, so ive decided to try find someone who knows what their doing and that i can make a team and hopefully get this model and future models intergrated into somthing greater. here it is as it stands

(sorry about the link, i cant get it to thumbnail...)

if you wanna help me out, i need a skinner / mapper and a detailer to get the poly count up a bit, contact me via my hotmail - swiftarrowenterprises@hotmail.com
Posted: January 09, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
I don't know much about google sketchup. Can you export to some other formats?
From open source software I would use wings 3d or blender 3d for 3d modeling and uv mapping.
Both programs have a set of robust tools for both tasks.
Posted: January 09, 2009
Just use planar maping... it should be ok for your model.
Posted: October 01, 2009
Nice model for early stages still a way to go yet