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Softimage Xsi: Deforming Lofts (XSI vs. Max)

Posted: May 21, 2007
Hi. I've been trying EXP for a few weeks. I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to 3d modeling/animation programs, although in the past I've dabbled a bit with Max. While I like certain aspects of that program, I've now seen enough of what XSI has to offer to convince me it's the app to go with as I get more serious about this growing hobby. (Will probably buy an educational license of XSI 4.0 when it arrives)

There was, however, one great thing Max did which in XSI I really miss, and not having it does put me off a wee bit. It is such a deep, deep, complex program though, possibly I've just not yet delved deep enough to figure out XSI's alternate, better way of doing things. Any how-to comments by more experienced XSI users would be appreciated.

..Of course it has to do with deforming lofts. Unlike Max, XSI doesn't let me apply a range of deformations within a loft's creation settings. Max was especially good with its loft deformations, letting me twist, bevel, scale, teeter, fit, etc. at any point along the path and/or axis profile. I could manipulate them with control curves, going crazy adding points and moving them all around. Some amazing results could be achieved.

With XSI I know how to deform a loft along a curve for a makeshift path, and I've figured out the basic method of applying other deformations to the object; but I've no idea how to set things up so that, say, a twist deformation's effects along an axis can be manipulated in this same freeform' way as I could with Max, which allowed me to twist the object all back and forth, any which way, willynilly.

If the same type of thing is doable with XSI, maybe someone could explain?