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Softimage Xsi: Softimage User Group in Atlanta

Posted: April 20, 2007
Hey Atlanta-area folks:

XSI Atlanta User Group

Wednesday, Oct 22 6:30pm-9:00pm

Location: Lab 601

Address: 621, North Ave. NE, suite A100, Atlanta, GA 30308

This year's User Group will showcase many exciting presentations, including Inside mental ray by Softimage rendering expert Dave Lajoie, and the latest features in the industry's leading nonlinear 3-D software by animator extraordinaire, Mark Schoennagel. Do not miss this excellent opportunity to share ideas and perspectives with your colleagues!


Registration and Introductions

Inside mental ray with Dave Lajoie

Sub-Cellular Shaders with Todd Lawrimore

Modeling, Shaders and Tips and Tricks with Bill Blakesley

Game Development Preview with Environment and Character Setups with Real-Time Gaming

The Latest and Greatest Tools in SOFTIMAGE|XSI with Mark Schoennagel

To register: