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Softimage Xsi: Reusing old Particle-Events

Posted: April 17, 2007
Hello again,

I am toying around with particles and want to evaluate different types of particles (billboards, sprites, spheres, etc.) and want just to substitute these new particle creations for one already up and running. More precisely: I already got the rain simulation, collision and splashing, but I want to alter the drops.

When I switch the particle emission to a new type, the related events are not transferred, of course. Thatd not be too much trouble, but I cant seem to just throw the old events into the new particle.

In my new drops PEvent theres "create new emission" or "edit emission", but in the adjacent text-field I cannot enter my already working blobby-splash-emission. I cannot even plug it together in schematic view...

Is there any easy way to circumvent around XSIs "create something new for each click" - philosophy ? Could I just create a new PEvent, scavenge the script-log and edit a new script-event with my old emission ???