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3ds Max: ahhhh MR running like garbage!

Posted: February 26, 2007
I have ben experimenting with MR lately, and managed to get a 5 machine render farm running it.

the render farm working great with a simple scene but when I add a few complexities things go awry.

The problem is that when I render with the full render farm it never gets off the ground. It spend 20 min running this:

mental ray: file [stdin] line 50000

then 10000, 15000 , 20000,

all the way t 120 something thousand.. I don't get it!

when I render the same scene with just my machine. no distributive rendering, it runs through this task in less then 5 sec... once I try to use my other machine.. it takes 20 min! and it must do this for every fram.. it would be faster with my single computer!

so far I have found this problem only occurs when I exercise a complex functino on geometry: i.e. Bolean.

even if I collapase all my modifier stacks kill all my lights, loose all materials I still come to the same problem..

Any ideas?!?!

know any one that might be able to help?