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3ds Max: Softbodies questions

Posted: February 21, 2007
Hi everyone, I have some important questions I was hoping some of you might help me with...

Please open a new scene in Max by going to your max folder, New Scenes folder, Modifiers folder, and here is the Flex-softbody.max file and the Soft Selection.max I have questions about. I simply can't figure out how it (the softbody.max one) works...if one of you guys can explain it better than me trying to reverse engineer it, I'd appreciate it. ANd the second one, the soft selection.max file has a *noise binding in it's modifier stack. How the heck do you add that to the stack?

Same problem in these ones - go to your Max 4 folder, New Features folder, Flex folder, and here are two files called Flex-teapotbounce.max and Flex-softbody.max. Both of these have a something in their stack that I have NO clue how to do. The tea pot one had a *FFD Binding in it's stack. I guess it binds it's vertexes to the FFD boxe's points, but I have no idea how. The same with the other file..it has an *FFD binding as well.

So, if one or some of you guys could answer all of my questions, I would greatly appreciate it. If you want me to elaborate, I will...thank you :)