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3ds Max: Join halves using Meshtools

Posted: February 19, 2007
Here's a technique I like for joining halves of characters (in case you model with a mirrored instance):

1. Make unique, remove meshsmooth, blah-blah.., attach.

2. Go to Border SO level, box select both borders on both halves.

3. Go to Edge SO level (borders remain selected), deselect edges that are not in the middle (like if your model still has holes for neck etc)

4. In Meshtools convert to Vertex level.

5. In Meshtools Flatten along X axis (or whatever axis works for you).

6. Right-click on the X spinner to bring vertices to 0.

7. Weld selected.

I know there's a separate plugin out there, but why bother? Beats hunting for those vertices. I hope someone will find it helpful.