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Subject: 3D Artist LFW [Paid]
Forum : Available 3D artists - CG jobs wanted
Posted : October 01, 2012
Autodesk 3D Studio MAX* (Modeling, Texture layouts)
ZBrush* (High Resolution, High Quality Sculpting)
Adobe Photoshop CS* (Creating Color maps, sketch ideas)

For business ...
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Subject: Low Poly Warrior Tank Model
Forum : Finished 3D Art Work
Posted : October 01, 2012
Love that tank looks awesome!
Going to check your site.
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Subject: new project
Forum : 3D Art Work In Progress
Posted : October 01, 2012
You should look up references to house parts, so roof tops ect and study what they look like then add what you like into your project.
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Subject: I need HELP modeling this Object in a sword
Forum : 3D Modeling Forum
Posted : October 01, 2012
Block out the silhouette of the object, so edges you can see in black.
You should model in a base mesh of the sword and work in zbrush for details.

If you don't have zbrush look up subD modeling s ...