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Subject: 3d animated movie
Forum : 3D Animation Talk
Posted : May 09, 2012
The cost varies by movie and the costs of it consists of people who works for the film, your equipment to make the film perfect and mostly the time that consumes every film that you will make. It is b ...
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Subject: 3d
Forum : General CG Talk
Posted : May 01, 2012
3d animation is eye-catching and seen as many to be a highly advanced tool in technological terms.It also provides an almost perfect representation of your object.

Boo ...
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Subject: Animation talk
Forum : 3D Animation Talk
Posted : April 24, 2012
I actually like animation and I studied this subject in our school, so I have some little knowledge about this. It would also help us if we have animation books as well because all the details indicat ...
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Subject: Can we make animation by autoCAD
Forum : 3D Animation Talk
Posted : April 18, 2012
I don't think that you can use 3D animation in AutoCAD because it is use only for measuring dimensions.You should find a software that fits to your application or find a book that can make this applic ...
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Subject: 3D Animation Tutorials
Forum : 3D Animation Talk
Posted : April 17, 2012
I was looking for some 3D tutorial and when I got here in this forum, I've seen the post of 3D tutorial and read it and basically tried this at home. I read some books also on how to make this stuff a ...