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Need Help With A 3D Model

Posted: August 31, 2020
Hello Everyone!

I hope I am at the right place for this. I need help with detailling a 3D Model and will shortly explain my situation:

I 3D scanned the dog "Charlie" of my best friend a few weeks ago with Kinect for Xbox 360, because Charlie was old and getting weaker day by day. I wanted to 3D print this scan so I can make a memento for my friend, since Charlie passed away a few days ago. The scan worked out pretty neat but unfortunately the scanner is not able to catch all the details, especially the face.

Since I haven't worked with artistic 3D programs yet (I ususally do technical stuff with CAD software) I am not able to do the touch-up of the model including modelling a face that resembles the original.

If someone here feels up to helping me that would be awesome!

I can provide the scan files and some reference pictures. It is not necessary to go all out and create a masterpiece, just refine the scan and create a face of sort. It will be 3D printed later and then cast in brass.

Thanks in advance!